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Fragrance Review | Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive EDT Cologne

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  1. thank you for nice presentation. am fan of old one. do you think the new one work with me

  2. Waha thanks for the great review.I have a decant of this, and the more I wear it,the better I like it.Your review has convinced me to spring for a full bottle.I really appreciate getting a woman's opinion on a man's fragrance.In addition your charm is quite irresistible.

  3. i spray bvlgari man in black on one hand and ch prive on the other….world is perfect once again :)

  4. this became one on my favourite fragrances.and Waha became one of my favourite reviewers.guys go and buy this one blindly.you will not regret it.i regret that i didnt buy it erlier.and dont judge it from the first sniff.thank you Waha.this one will always remind me of u

  5. Chic for me also by Carrolina Herrera

  6. I did wear it for 3 conscutive days.my update.the smell is amazing.but the performance is not good.dont know may be it is olfaction fatigue.i have this problem with some fragrances,amen is one of them :)

  7. lovely lady !!!!! … cheers from czech rep., from your new subscriber

  8. Timothy John-Luke Smith, PSA

    Thank you for the wonderful review. It reminds me of Dolce and Gabbana The One a little. My favorite is still CH Men.

  9. r u sure this works in the summer????

  10. got this one today.cant wait to wear it tomorow for work

  11. I have this scent and dont think I can use it in summer, somehow it doesnt seem right to me.

  12. great review Waha

  13. good review! ya ougtie waha…

    grtz from Amsterdam the Netherlands

  14. I have CH Sport, even though I don't care for it much it always gets me compliments from women and it's my gf's favourite… Wired.

  15. I bought a gift box for just 58 euro. 100 ml of CH Men Prive and 100 ml of CH Men Prive aftershave balm. A great combination! It's not my favorite scent – I like CH Men much more – but it does get me a lot of female attention. Once a student and her boyfriend stepped into an elevator with me. She stood across me, constantly smiling and trying to make eye contact. Quite embarrassing in a way – but entertaining as well.

  16. Your fragrances reviews are one of the best that t saw, very complex and detailed.

  17. I prefer ch men more than this one

  18. Waha, which fragrance is better in your opinion – this one or CH Men? Great review, by the way, keep up the good work.

  19. Hey can you please review Rochas man by Rochas

  20. Waha- now I will have to try this one- goob job!

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