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Fragrance Collection Review + Recommendations

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  1. I'm the 500th like!

  2. Todas estas fragancias y mas en http://www.carruseldeofertas.com 

  3. she's japanese she has a slight accent. Don't be rude

  4. love it <3

  5. haha I agree

  6. that perfume is like a old lady in a bottle.

  7. I love the DKNY delicious and chanel

  8. Smell it! >< 5:36

  9. Nice video. Have you tried Angel by Thierry Mugler? It is very nice.

  10. @SuperToog Its a really strong mature scent similar to Elixir Des Merveiles Perfume,as v strong orange scent! I swear men r attracted like flies 2 it! Its a bit pricey but its worth it. Buy it now! xx

  11. Most helpful perfume recommendations. Half the ones on youtube are done by people that repeat "THIS IS NICE! OH I LUUUUUURVE THIS ONE…" for everything. Great Job ;(

  12. She's really pretty…
    could you make like a video with perfume gift suggestions I never get it right when trying to buy perfume as a gift, and it would also be nice if you could maybe make a vido with some recomended fragrances for guys….nice collection btw

  13. If you're going to advise people on fragrances, at least know how to pronounce "eau de parfum"

  14. Love the video! Have you ever checked out the fragrances at online wholesale supply ? =-)

  15. @leeyah87 i hve that.its my fave!

  16. daisy, princess and bright crystal are my faves:)

  17. Omg I Love The Ralph Lauren In The Blue Bottle ! <3 Im In Love Wit It, But I Quite Haven't Smelled The Purple Bottle Yet ! I Wonder How It Smells

  18. I have one that I would love for you to tell me if it is good or not. I am a teen, in middle school, and I found a scent at CATO that I fell in love with. It's called Die For Love (Dorall version) by Hardy for women. I wanted to know what you think. ;3

  19. is channel n.5 for someone in her mid twenties. my mother thought it was to old for me but i love it.

  20. Emm… I'm a boyish girl, I have a mohawk and wear baggy jeans but I do wear makeup and like to confuse people by wearing girly scents :)

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