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Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne – Review

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  1. You are the closest look-alike of Avril

  2. I think you're adorable! I love the bottle on this frag. =)

  3. I can tell u are a big Black Star fan of Avril.Me too!

  4. You made me want to sniff my screen XD

  5. Hello, I would like to know your feeling about all her fragrances, and which one he's the best ? :)
    Sorry, if this is not really "English" but I'm French. Be indulgent please ! ^^

  6. I'm finally getting it next week!! ♥

  7. None of her perfumes are available in my country :(

  8. Rebeca Fukushima

    Muito lindo, eu queroooooooooo… OMG!

  9. I'm jealous!

  10. Thanks for the review! I'm probably going to be buying it on friday or monday. And I noticed your S.O.P.H.I.E bracelet. :)

  11. @Emo4LyfAvrilLavigne you can order abbey dawn clothes at Avril Lavignes website =D So you can get it pretty much everywhere =D

  12. ahhhhhhhhh ese me recuerda ami perfume ahh me lo raboronnn

  13. u look like avril lavigne and your really pretty . good review. (:

  14. cool love it

  15. Kathryne Schlosser

    I don't really like the smell:$

  16. i wanted this perfume i felt so light on my feet when i smelt it and it has sold out. boooohoooohoooo.

  17. wow…u looks like Avril…cute….n thanks for the review…looovee it…

  18. omg i had the same reaction when i smelled it first….i smelled it in the store first…and i was lik OMG this is amazing..and i got it right away..i wasnt even planning on getting one…i got it for $40 the same bottle..i forgot the volume…but its soo amazing i love the ring too….it smells reallly sexy

  19. i love it and i love Twilight !

  20. vampierrubberduck

    i want this sooooo bad!!!!!

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