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First Look: Selena Gomez Perfume (how it smells)

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  1. Georgia Perisanidis

    beautiful eyes love!

  2. You look so much like Rebecca Black! You're so gorgeous!

  3. Stephanie Randolph

    I got mine for $6,It was $10 but I had a rewards card

  4. the scent is too heavy.. 

  5. I got mine for 15 dollars on amazon! Free shipping! so awesome i cant wait til it comes in!

  6. it smells just like lovespell from victorias secret

  7. you exactly like selena omg why have nobody pointed this out yet?

  8. U looks like perez hilton lol

  9. of course it smells good, its heaven in a bottle

  10. xoDisneySelTisdalexo


  11. xoDisneySelTisdalexo

    It's still not out in the UK and it's been 2 – 3 years!zzz

  12. One Direction Forever Mrs Styles

    I WNT AT

  13. pretty little dark secret

    maybe it has laughing gas in the perfume XDD I just ordered it online cant wait to get it 😀

  14. U. Look like Rebecca black

  15. Omg! I was laughing when you were laughing XDD

  16. i smelled it at the mall its smells amazing.

  17. I bought Justin Bieber's Girlfriend perfume and got a Selena Gomez perfume taster as a gift . I really like the smell of Selena Gomez perfume , The smell is like roses . I'll buy it soon 😀

  18. I would buy justin
    not bought selena

  19. Dang lol funnyyyy

  20. Loved your video haha :) you're really funny and cute. Do a review on Lady Gaga's FAME fragance

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