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Ferragamo Signorina fragrance/perfume review

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  1. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    Try Emozione by Salvatore Ferragamo

  2. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    I have the eau de toilette and the parfum I absolutely love the scents together… gorgeous fragrance.

  3. I had this one once in the 100ml EDT concentration but it did not attract me much. I just kept on wearing it casually to finish the bottle, but I ended it selling it half full. I mainly get the rose and currant, but not much of the creaminess of Panna Cotta (which is a dessert). I liked it in a neutral sense, but was not impressed by the projection. I have to admit, it smells elegant, though.

  4. Ami Loves Perfume

    I have heard a lot of good things about this one, must try!

  5. please do "free time" by Feragamo

  6. Panna cotta ("cooked Earth" in Italian) is an Italian dessert custard. Just FYI.

  7. Love the essenza one! My fiancée's signature.

  8. Sounds great!

  9. Just discovered an awesome new perfume – Jor'el Parker Classico by Harvey Prince. I am totally impressed … you must like it too https://www.harveyprince.com/

  10. Great review, you both were amazing. Variety is great. The misses will enjoy watching this with me. You both have a great day

    Cheers. . .

  11. Great stuff Cheila!!

  12. cool , sounds nice , i'll have to get a sample for my mom

  13. More, more, maybe the Bvlgari line?

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