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February Favorites | Skin Care, High End Dupes, and Fragrances!

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  1. I want to order all the dupes but they're coming all the way from China 😖😖

  2. new sub!

  3. Yazzzzzz doll school is a priority I too I'm a
    full time college student. You look amazing🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Makeup is gorgeous! Thank You! For sharing appreciate you sharing your tips and tricks GodBless❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. new subbie

  5. shenell anderson

    Congratulations on school!!! Graduation is awesome!!! I graduated college and am working on my masters.

  6. Yaaaaasssss you are so lit for these dupes!

  7. Tyrescha Blaylock

    I love vanderpump rules(not a fan of stassi and jax, and don't care for ariana and Tom on the new season)!!! & I'm so sad they cancelled the show twisted!!! you should watch The Fosters on Netflix, or sons of Anarchy, the originals and the vampire diaries and the 100 was pretty interesting

  8. Revenge!!!!!! Yaaaassss!!!!!!!!!! Love!!!!!!!!

  9. Love your honesty cutie >.< its so refreshing

  10. leverage is poppin

  11. Kameishi Williams

    Girl I be missin you ! I don't know what kind of videos I'd want to see but I wanna see your face more <3Applause to you for your success in school :)

  12. Where's you get the dress you wore to Ravens charity shower? 😍😍

  13. I didn't know I would be soo happy to see you <3 . I LOVE YOU <3333333

  14. Try CAROLINA HERRERA 212 Sexy. It's sweet and has a musk

  15. i swear i love every single show you mentioned, especially Bob's Burgers. And another show i'm obsessed with is Once Upon a Time. You can start on Netflix and then catch up on Hulu…aaaand they JUST started the 6th season this past Sunday so you got alot ahead of you!

  16. I've been searching for my signature scent as well. Fragrantica has been my best friend.

  17. Lip combo?

  18. Tyesha Washington

    Try American Horror Story on Netflix. It's weird, but good. Lol.

  19. Tehran Robertson

    Great video! I definitely appreciated all of the links and details. I'm a "full coverage" gal too! Stay beautiful.

  20. Revenge is off the chain. I love it

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