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February Favorites! 2015

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  1. Stefaney ContactStefaney

    omg you are SOOO cute in this look, in fact I think it is my image of your signature style: bun and hoops! SOOO cute!!!

  2. Très Jolie = Very Pretty in french 😘😉

  3. i like you make up beautiful

  4. Canii peopleperson

    I looooooveeee that algenist cleanser! it is my holy grail cleanser already! I just got this and their moisturizer and a little goes such a long way!

  5. You remind me so much of Mila Kunis especially in "Friends With Benefits". Is it just me or what? LOL.

  6. Very soon I will be finishing the creating process of a tshirt I have designed for you its printed and says "so good" on the front then says kathleen lights on the bottom it may have the quote from your makeup palette on the back idk but most likely so yah I will be sending you one of the shirts what size shirt do you wear 

  7. Ana Carolina Dourado

    You speak so well, you find the perfect words to describe things, love your way, very authentic and professional!

  8. Alexis Vonser (Girly Things)

    I am trying out the Maybeline Fit Me foundation for oily skin because I have normal skin but I have some dry areas. It's weird, and I use the Maybeline Baby Skin under the foundation and it works like a dream!

  9. Heyyy do u have a video on this eye look? If you do already what isit called? Thankyou!! X❤️

  10. Celebrity perfume is great for every day wear, save my dior and other exy ones for the weekend 😀 great vid 

  11. so random, but you look like Angelina Jolie with this look..

  12. When you wear your hair curly, do you comb it out before or after you put in the leave in conditioner?


  14. can you do a makeup tutorial on this look pls

  15. 10:3010:35 Was that a Miranda sings impression lmao 😂😂

  16. new subscriber ! ily Jaclyn sent me ! 

  17. Funny I just read the comment below mine right as I was thinking, I LOVE her monthly favorites.  We are girls…. we are big consumers…. and if we like things… we love them. and want to talk about it.. I see no harm there.  Anyway, in my opinion, I love these videos!  Keep them coming!  I find it introduces me to a lot of products I don't know about, or am curious about.  …To each their own, and she makes that very clear… her videos are her videos… about stuff she does and likes… thats the point of having your own channel.  :)  Anyway!  Question for +KathleenLights about the l'occitane shower gel you talked about…. is your skin soft/ hydrated when you dry off after the shower?  I have dry skin and I always have to body butter-up after the shower and would love to find a shower gel where I don't have to do that all the time… Whats your take on that?  Thanks :)

  18. @kathleenlights ppleaasee please do a tutorial on this. I know it's only one shadow but i want to see your technique and the brush you use. :)))

  19. I just have to say I absolutely love your look in this video!

  20. You should try DevaCurl hair care products. My mom is a hair stylist who specializes in curly hair and she makes curly girls' hair look gorgeous with this stuff. It's magical. And cruelty free and mostly vegan so definitely try it if you see this comment.

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