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February Favorites 2013

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  1. Danielle Marie

    it did for me, it is pricey but I reccomend it because it definetly prolongs the color of your hair. Use it every other time you wash your hair as soon as you dye it. It has hair color in it so it will add to your color. However the black malve is for black hair…you will have to check an see if there is a shampoo for brown hair…I know there is for red heads….be sparing! Good luck

  2. Jules of Wisdom

    I dye my hair brown, but it constantly gets red tones. I was wondering if that Aveda Black Malva shampoo gets rid of the reds? Thanks

  3. just subbed you :) checkout my videos and sub if you like free makeup :)

  4. Danielle Marie

    I am constantly mis-spelling things myself…no problem girl.

  5. Danielle Marie

    Hello! I just have to get to Walmart to try that concealer, I have heard so may wonderful things about it! I am always on the hunt for new good products you guys love. I know dont you just love those eyeshadow brushes they are the best a good brush makes all the difference! Thanks for watching and its always great to hear from you!

  6. Completely spelled that wrong Glamoflauge

  7. Thanks for sharing:-) I just bought the same eyeshadow brushes and love them. I just wanted to share I bought the hard candy glamaflage concealer from Walmart it's amazing.

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