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Favourite Perfumes

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  1. Great buy.
    A fragrance plus a lot of little dildos… Great deal!! LOL
    Nice video

  2. my favorite is paris hilton is in black and hot pink smell good!! 😉

  3. my favorite perfume is vera wang night :)

  4. My favorite is Puma FreeFlowing 😉

  5. My favourite perfume which my wife uses is the Christian Lacroix's 'C'Est La Fete' Eau De Parfum. She has many but this is probably my favourite.

  6. My favourite perfume is DKNY apple or alien.

  7. I'm loving Jennifer Aniston's new perfume!

  8. Beyonce heat..but i never had even one

  9. MsBlahBlahBlah102

    Victoria Secret Angel [:

  10. daisy by Marc Jacobs xx

  11. My favorite perfume at the moment is Victoria's Secret Bombshell.

  12. I am so curious about that Princess Night!

  13. Aqua di Gioia-Giorgio Armany and miss Dior Cherie

  14. ColloqueSentimental9

    Right now, I really like Dior Addict II.

  15. Fantasy by Britney Spears or Beyonce – Heat

  16. My favorite perfume will always be Ciara by Revlon. <3

  17. My favorite perfume is viva la juicy by juicy couture. I also really like wonderstruck by Taylor Swift.

  18. My all time favorite perfume is "Curious" by Britney Spears :)

  19. Juicycouture0808

    My favorite perfume is someday by Justin Bieber

  20. my favourite perfumes are daisy by marc jacobs and reb'l fleur by rihanna :) also, a perfume I've been using for a long time is fantasy by britney spears x

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