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Favorite Perfume Tag

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  1. Portia “TheBeautyHustler” Hampton

    Nice collection!

  2. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    Girl the amount of people I have forwarded to you (raindropsonroses) so good , classic video.. I will watch your other ones… I bought Versace bright crytals the noir did not work that well for me… I think you would like Michael Kors, I am wearing Very Hollywood today, around my top part then Burberry Brit summer on my arms so so goood.

  3. I am from Missouri

  4. Hi EbonyAngel, enjoyed the video. I love your accent. What state are you from?

  5. Няф-няф!

  6. I know i can use that Travalo Decant…Sucks, but i guess thats the only way!

  7. use a travalo decant worse case scenario so you can at least spray it then let it sit in there noir is too good to waste!

  8. THANKS Love

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