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Favorite Men’s Fragrances

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  1. That voice reminds me of Porn wtf?

  2. You're the Yummy not the creed Ooooops Sorry…later in the video I heared you got a Lucky BF…
    My Cheers to Him :)

  3. Your seriously beautiful sweetheart X

  4. Good vid by the way.

  5. Thanks for this review really needed this :-)

  6. damn girl, put some bass in your voice!! is there a baby in the room sleeping?

  7. I am now convinced of buying Creed Aventus. Nice video, thanks.

  8. jizz in my pants to this sexy woman …but on a serious note i agree with her list especially creed aventus dat shit is literally a g-string dropper (not panties) lol a must have and also millesime imperial for sure tooo

  9. is it odd if i want to wank to this vid?

  10. PianoMelodyNotes Gabry

    Great :') Please Riss, test La Nuit de l'homme.. you will not regret

  11. whats with the 4k camera? xD

  12. I am loving my 4oz bottle of  Aventus. In fact, I haven't worn any of my other scents in 2 months. Im considering pulling the trigger on the Green Irish Tweed. I only want to do so if the longevity is close to Aventus. When I say close, I mean at least a full work day. I get 6am to midnight easy with 3 sprays of Aventus.

  13. Can u spray these perfumes at the camera lens one by one, so I can sniff my laptop screen and tell u how it smells?

  14. If your boyfriend like Aventus tell him to check out Insurection Pure 2. It's a damn good knockoff for $20 bucks. My wife and I cant smell a difference at least not a $280 one.  

    Here is some proof for those who dont trust internet strangers.

  15. 60 fps hypnotizes me. or maybe it's just the chick.

  16. Your voice is so lovely!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Glad I own the 4oz bottle of Aventus then.  Have the Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperial too.  Bond and Comme de Garcon are great too.

  18. Have you tried Amouage – Reflection Man ? Interested in seeing your opinions on it… it gets quite a lot of hype from the guys!

  19. Lucky boyfriend!!!

  20. nice voice from me and my gf

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