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Favorite Chanel Fragrances

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Because your such a Chanel fragrance lover, I decided to try and learn more about the collection, and find one that I couldn't live without. Well, I did….I am consumed by Coco EDP. What's funny is that I don't like the scent smelling it from the bottle – how I got passed that I'm unsure. Once it has settled on my skin, it opens up to such an intoxicating mix of smells. I'm in love with this scent!

  2. Hi Laura – just wondering..I don't own any Chanel fragrances as get. I would love to just start off with one – would it be Gardenia OR Beige?? Or would u say go with No 5 ? As I see in the video this was your all time favourite. Thanks so much. xx

  3. I went and tried the gardenia and loved it! Need to use a few more perfumes up first but I am so excited to add to my collection! 💖

  4. Chanel fragrances are my top favorites too! I need to do a fragrance video one of these days. Thanks for sharing your must haves! P.S. I love your smile xoxo

  5. love this video!! love your choices, i also love 28 la pausa from chanel – it's a beautiful iris, after having the smaller bottle, i went ahead and got the gi-nourmous one – so beautiful to smell and also to look at. thanks for sharing with us!!

  6. great video….I will have to check out both the beige and gardenia….tfs hun.

  7. I love your shirt and blinds

  8. Nettie Ward I Nettiesworld4u

    Love your collection, that Gardenia is very intriguing I may need try it.  BTW love your little heart top looks great on you 😀 xox

  9. Kathsaddiction :)

    I already went to Sephora. They only carry the #5's, Allure, and the Chances. But thanks for the tip. ☺️

  10. I really like yr blouse-it looks lovely on you. I should try no 5 Eau premiere-perhaps the lighter scent may suit me more.💙xxx

  11. Loved your scent descriptions, I'm going to go smell no19 on the weekend you described it so nicely :)

  12. Hi!!! I´m from Brazil and I just love to watch your videos! You´re such a sweet person! ^_^

  13. No. 5 Eau première is my signature and favourite Chanel fragrance as well. Great taste 😉 I'm very interested now to try the Beige, thanks for the review :)

  14. No. 19 is the next one I'll buy! It's wonderful!!

  15. Kathsaddiction :)

    Love your collection. Chanel #5 Eau Premiere is my signature fragrance as well. I would love to try the Gardenia, Beige, & Crystal Eau Verte, but sadly don't live anywhere near a Chanel boutique or high end department store to try or sample.

  16. Love your Chanel fragrances,I bought cristal Eau verte,from your review and love it,I have a few more on my wish list,thank you for doing this.
    Xoxo MJ 

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