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Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson Fragrance Review

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  1. I wear it more in the colder days. Thanks, you too! :)

  2. Thank you very much!! It's strong in a way that it has a fantastic lastingpower. Others around you will smell you definitely. And it's not typically sweet like the big part of the celebrity fragrances. More creamy, powdery and floral.

  3. @hollybee43 You're welcome :)

  4. best perfume ever, no joke. thanks for the review

  5. @migebiggie Thanks for the fast reply! I am an american living in Germany – it is so frustrating to see so many great perfumes online and not be able to test them , not just for the scent but also sillage and longevity. I have had some hits and some misses – you never really know how a fragrance will react with your body chemistry.

  6. @frauleinw Are you dutch ?
    I bought it in a dutch webshop.
    You will have a hard time finding it in general Europe stores.
    almost all my perfumes are bought online. I look at the notes and the
    artist that created it and I'll guess that it will smell good then and mostly thats the case. 😉

  7. Great review. Where did you buy FL? I also live in Europe and it's not available in shops here. There are a few bottles on Ebay but I would like to sample it first.

  8. omg!! You review frangrances?? awesome!
    That's a great job! I love fragrances. i haven't bough jessica's yet

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