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Fall ❤️ Winter Perfumes | Tom Ford | Chanel & La Prairie Review

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  1. Ms


  2. Love you fragrance video. Just subscribed! Please do more summer scents, fragrance collection 

  3. Hi, haven't seen you for a while, just saying hello? Xx

  4. Hi love your video can you please please do a video all your hand bags corection and makeup corection 

  5. Please do a closet tour!

  6. Barbara Phillips

    Love your videos Have we seen your entire closet :-))

  7. I love your channel, you have impeccable taste and are such a lovely person x

  8. Johmathan .B. Swift

    Love +TOM FORD 's Black Orchid for men and women. Great review 

  9. Hi just read your clip . That's really great well done?????

  10. Delectable perfumes – love the Coco Mademoiselle too and the Tom Ford x0x Glenda

  11. Love all your fall picks beautiful! That Tom Ford one I have in samples. It's an amazing scent. Have a great week. 

  12. Another great fragrance by Tom Ford is Champaca Absolute; you must try it !!

  13. Scents by Chanel are always my favorite. Looking great as always 

  14. Love all your picks! Loved the La Prairie Silver Rain. Have a sample of the Tom Ford and I need to purchased that one. You have a wonderful week beautiful! 

  15. Love your picks! Need to try some of these!!❤️xx Jenn

  16. LeatherAndCashmere

    I'm considering getting Black orchid for Xmas. I sampled it in sephora along with tom ford's black velvet but am not certain which I prefer lol. Coco mademoiselle is one of my top scents. My fave is definitely guerlain's shalimar. 

  17. Love watching your vids dear babe!

  18. Hi Luxebabe, love your videos. I am building my Louis Vuitton collection do you think you could do a video showing all your Louis Vuitton pieces and accessories? 

  19. I always look forward to your videos!!!

    And I too am considering the TF Black Orchid!!! I've been wearing samples of the scent and I am always stopped by strangers asking me just what it is that I am wearing because I spell 'Sooo Good!!!

    As always your taste & style are IMPECCABLE!!!!!!!

    IG: roromaxn ;))

  20. Great video!! I love coco mademoiselle, always reach for it in fall/winter. I've been looking for coco noir everywhere, hopefully picking it up for Xmas. It's always sold out which means it must be really popular! 

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