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Fahrenheit by Christian Dior Fragrance/Cologne Review (1988)

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  1. It's been reformulated don't smell the same but still good

  2. you're right, this stuff is amazing, a masterpiece!! great review.

  3. I love this stuff can't beat it 

  4. CaptainSexy1point618

    Great review man! 

  5. To me this Frag works better in the spring/summer, day or night very versatile any age type of juice, elegant, unique, safe, even with that kinda gassy oil smell still smells awesome, i don't own this i do own Fahrenheit 32 and Absolute and like those little more just cause they are even more unique and still quality. so this Frag 4/5 to me, but not my type of scent.

  6. Jonathan McIntosh

    im stuck between this and la nuit de l'homme. what do you guys think?

  7. Christian Solorzano

    I love your review. My dad used to wear this and now I wear it.

  8. Anyone having problems with projection/longevity. bought a bottle from macy's smells good for about 2hrs then seems to disappear.

  9. Fresh farenheit 100 ml bottle for sale here. Hmm its alnost brand new i will give you thr box too..but u must be from toronto, ontario. I bought this shit for the hype and seriously…i dont like it.. i will sell u for $60 bucks…

  10. I'm 22 and wear Fahrenheit 

  11. Fahrenheit is another level.  Only rivalled by Diors 98 release for Women, Hypnotic Poison, as does fahrenheit, Poison makes the knees week, very very powerful scents.

  12. Great info, thanks! 

  13. Mauricio Páez Castilla

    Hi rob, I am a follower of your opinions on perfumes. I am a collector from Colombia. And I would ask your advice, which prefer between aqua fahreneit, absolut fahrenheit?
    Or tradicional fahreneit?
    Thank you

  14. Great review, spot on. Been wearing this since it first came out. Not a date sent for me. Out on the bike, or in the Chevelle, yep for sure. 

  15. 100000000/10

  16. I like the crisp fresh cucumber and balsamic notes when I first spray this on (I know neither is listed in this frags. notes). Second fragrance I ever bought. Got my first bottle from the Daly City Mall in 1990. Still using today!

  17. This is nice!!

  18. Every time i put this on it makes me fart like crazy. Its a shame cause i really like the scent. I dobt know why but after i sniff it i start passing alot of gas

  19. I wore this in high school and still wear it today , such a great fragrance !!!! Brings back so many memories !!
    This stuff is one of the best scents ever made !!!! Must have for any fragrance fan !!!!

  20. Delicious, abstract, modern, intriguing, dark, enigmatic. The notes listed on Dior's website are Tangerine, Cedar and Leather. If you're one for uniqueness then this is a must have. Can't believe I don't have a bottle. Dior just knows what they're doing. Every original release for their men's line is remarkable!!!!

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