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Fahrenheit by Christian Dior | Fragrance Review

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  1. Ian “Attack With Style” Cahill

    Have you ever tried the "Milton Lloyd" smell a-likes ???  , i like to use them at work as i don't like to waste my genuine aftershaves for when I'm working.
    I was just wondering – what is your opinion on Milton Lloyd ?? , that's if you have tried them.
    I personally think they come pretty damn close to the original scents , the longevity isn't quite as wide , but a quick re-apply always does the trick.

  2. Ian “Attack With Style” Cahill

    I've just started loving farenhiet , i never use to like it , but i tried it again recently and have surprisingly changed my mind on it , i notice a faint citrus scent that i never noticed before.

  3. You should review Le Parfum version (2014). You might like it more.

  4. This is my all time fav cologne. I love to spray my bed clothes towels everything eith fahrenheit. Even though its a mens cologne i still enjoy wearing it. The moment a man walks past me in a store and is wearing fahrenheit it know it. It makes my knees want to buckle. No matter what anyone says. To me. This is the best cologne out there since 1988!!!

  5. pimp juice !

  6. macaulaymcculkin

    This frag is so polarizing. I LOVE it. Smells good on me. 

  7. Bro Great Vid as always!! Could you make a video of the flanker called Fahrenheit 32?

  8. If I like the smell of gasoline….is it necessary that I'll like this scent ?

  9. Hey guys if you want to smell like rubber sole of a cheap chinese shoes go ahead. This fragrance perfectly fits that smell. But honestly rubber soles smell much better than Dior Fahrenheit. If serious that fragrance is pure shit. If you wear that definitely some strange people will like it. But 50% of people will hate it extremely. I guarantee that.

  10. fahrenheit is pure pimp juice!

  11. I really like this one! Especially in the cold weather. But I would not recommend anyone to do more than 1-2 sprays. Nice review!

  12. ahhh dude i realy don't like it at all i gave it a chance, i tried  5 minutes later the resault = a  headache :/

  13. lots of women like the smell of this and lots dislike the smell of this,this fragrance is for the confident man that really doesn't care what others think, and just wants to wear a classic fragrance.

  14. You love it or hate it, but never ignore it.

  15. I haven't tried this yet but will soon. I hear ya on loving the smell of gasoline though!!!

  16. Cody right? That's your name right? I agree with you. I like the scent but it's not a favourite, BUT ….it has one of those ORIGINAL scents that you can't ignore and it's a nice scent overall. The Petroleum thing does come off for me too, but not too heavy.  Just on it's originality alone, I've come to appreciate it and as a fragrance lover and beginner collector, I will buy it at least a 50 ml. The leather, warm and sweetness and sensuality of it, is probably the most alluring thing for me in this fragrance. Thanks for all your videos Cody. Keep them coming.

  17. This smells horrible I bought a bottle about 5 years ago it's still brand new if anyone wants to trade hmu


  19. Farenhiet is one of the best ever!!!! Guess goes to show, another mans cup of tea…… On the other hand…i cant stand pure malt…ewww

  20. I did not like it at the age of 18, but now, at the age of 41, it smells good to me.

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