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F Pour Homme by Salvatorre Ferragamo Fragrance/Cologne Review (2007)

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  1. Both of these are amongst my best in my collection and I want more if I can get it for the kind of price that makes me smile 

  2. im ordering this online tomorrow from century 21 stores. think its legit?

  3. Hey marc do you have any knowledge on the acqua one? Hows the longevity

  4. I recently smelled some the Tuscan soul fragrances by Salvatore ferragamo at the fashion show in Las Vegas, I recommend you try those out. 

  5. Another excellent and informative review.

  6. I bought mine on amazon and its being shipped from and by Amazon so I am almost certain mine is real

  7. This is a nice frag no it's not a monster projector but it will draw compliments and fill the room slightly every cologne doesn't need to be overdone this scent to me diets just right I wear in spring and summer nothing about this is overbearing what so ever be your own judge I can't say this enough you can pick this up at Marshall's or tjmaxx for 16 bucks for one once and every bottle does not have to be gigantic your not less of a man for having smaller bottles I have all sizes smaller bottles are good for space and travel mark good job as always just saying how I feel about frags

  8. Dude…. Ferragamo not really known…. Really.. where have you been for the last 50 years??? Obviously not around.. this fashion house is one of the TOP one since early 1930…  Best Man;'s Shoes in the World!

  9. Any chance you could review salvatore ferragamo acqua essenziale

  10. what do you think about the black edition of this??

  11. gerardo plancarte

    Marc Jacobs rain for chicks

  12. i had a kenzo cologne ,tall blue bottle. The blue version of this smells exactly like it .I got it cus smelling it triggered some memories

  13. what would you recomend to someone who loved kenzoair, not sure if you remember that scent by Kenzo?

  14. Pour homme = for men.

  15. Why no review for Salvatorre Ferragamo Pour Homme?


    Gahhhh!!! I bought a fake also :( dam it

  17. Alright I went to the BAY. A trustworthy department store that sells authentic colognes and guess what. They had a tester with the same bottle as mine! It had a grey sprayer and the writing on it was grey. I was so happy. Your bottle is real!

  18. That is possible, as Fragrancex is known to carry items past shelf lives hence the low price for selling it.

  19. Johnsunlovespiano

    anyway how do you know how old this perfume has been? theres no dates or anything on the bottle..maybe u disliked it because it expired..

  20. 68! uh oh. You should've just bought it from a department store. I disliked it after for some reason. It doesnt smell good on my skin. I am thinking its because its probably a fake? I'm going to wear it casually on days that I dont have anything important to attend. I need to do a side by side comparison. I am going to spray the "fake" on my left wrist and go to a department store and spray on my right wrist to compare.

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