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Euphoria Intense by Calvin Klein Fragrance/Cologne Review (2008)

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  1. @robes08 how do you ask for your haircut bro? …. I got it once like that years ago and I could never get it like that again. lol

  2. Thanks for replying Marc about Ck truth because I heard it is a tea based frag just like Gucci pour homme which I have never smelled or heard of? I am still new to the fragrance game if you have any tips for a beginner like me…I. Would be much appreciateed!! Have a good day and your channel does help plenty! :)

  3. Marc may you please review Truth for men CK….because it's really underrated!!

  4. Marc, please review HiM by Hanae Mori. It's a 9/10 for me and absolutely incredible. If you like Gucci Pour Homme II and Pure Havane, I feel certain you'll love it. Some days, I like it better than GPH II. It's a very complex fragrance and the notes blend so well together. When I wear it to the grocery or shopping, I swear I notice people attempting to get closer to me because they like it so much. If I had a cologne definition of "expensive" or "has money", it would be HiM. If you get a chance to try it, let me know what you think. 

  5. Excellent job on this one. Would be really curious to see a review of the Gold/Liquid Gold flankers released this year that nobody can seem to get their hands on yet.  

  6. thanks man, very useful

  7. Haha you hot me cracking up I love your reviews you said ten shots of 1 million this guy would be lost haha most def man Cuba gold would kill this

  8. Yes Marc can't argue with your reviews I love sweet scents that's what got me I won't wear this on formal occasion but I'm feeling this for light v neck day rainy day cool day just kicking it around you know maybe night out also this is good coming from the Calvin house because all his scents just fall off after hour or so

  9. Just got this today I think it's decent for 30$ 1.7oz I think this a quick spray and go on any basic day I think all seasons just lil less sprays in summer yeah I was sniffn the original at ultra then went over to tjmaxx went back to ultra to smell intense version I think they the same just intense last longer I like it and yes I think bottle is nice could stand out on shelf in front row for display

  10. This is probably the only Calvin Klein fragrance for men worth owning. 

  11. TheAirsoftmaster3

    does anybody know where I can get a 1.7 OZ bottle of this? 

  12. the original euphoria smells SO GOOD ! but it doesn't last long :/

  13. Cheers for doing your fantastic reviews mate. Top notch :) (My signature scent 'L'EAU D'ISSEY POUR HOMME). Reached a modest 17 fragrance's so far…and counting.

  14. Could you do a review on Desire by Dunhill? Love your reviews btw ! Good job 😀

  15. Marc where did u get the black henley you're wearing in this video? Is it CK?

  16. Very good and honest review. I was wondering if you tried CK Encounter already? And if so, what's your opinion about that fragrance? Would it do any good as a club scent?

  17. Jonathan Bartholomew

    CK is a brand that I think is too well known by their famous ones (Obsession, Eternity, and One). Euphoria, even the intense, is more of a comical relief for me. I wasn't impressed with the fragrance but it does have potential for those who just wanna smell good. Even though it is SIMPLE, it's practical. I would prefer shock and Man over this though.

  18. Marc, why is your showcase pedestal shaky?

  19. Thanks Marc, never been a Calvin Klein fan since back in the day of the Original Calvin Klein (Calvin) as a preppy kid in Forest Hill…. Wow, talk about memory lane….

  20. already reviewed , check my page for it. You might not like what you hear 😉

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