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Euphoria Gold Men by Calvin Klein | Fragrance Review

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  1. This one smells awesome. I picked it up for only 30 bucks. Nice notes and a steal for this quality

  2. It is similar to Gucci pour home discontinue bottle

  3. I have have this one….agree it's not ideal hot temperatures. Hardly used it during the summer, one time I sprayed more than I should have and it made me nauseous, due to the temperature.

    It's a great fragrance, just be careful under really hot temperatures maybe 2/3 sprays. However as the weather is cooling it's much more wearable.

  4. Do a review on ultra male ، everybody else has except u

  5. Does it smell similar to Liquid gold men edp?

  6. Nice intro
    please do a review of Iintenso by Ermenegildo Zegna, or could you tell me your opinion here?
    thanks greetings from Mexico

  7. Daumantas Speranskis

    Hey Cody,great video! Btw,can you make a review on DG The One EDP version?

  8. Euphoria gold is a lady killer aka panty dropper

  9. Before i even watch this review, me and the crew was just talking about this scent on basenotes lol

  10. Between this, Reveal and One Shock the CK house is making a bit of a comeback for me.

  11. How don't know how you are able to work and crank out these amazing videos but great job sir!

  12. You're the best!

    1 love !!

  13. Thanks for reviewing this my friend. I appreciate it

  14. Wow, great performance with a CK fragrance.. very nice.. Sounds good! I also tried a fragrance from CK that I really liked, Dark obession.. had a really nice smell to it. You ever try it? Props to CK for some of these great releases. Thanks for the review!

  15. I actually tried this one last week. It has a gourmand feel to it, and yes i get good performance too. amber-honey vibe with a little bit of ginger and vanilla drydown. i was very pleased with the scent and for a CK fragrance – i think it's one of their best releases. it's a little bit hard to find which is a pitty.

  16. Always great reviews and this one is no exception. Bravo.

  17. great review!

  18. review The Scent by Hugo Boss!

  19. Great, honest review of a phenomenal fragrance that I recently discovered… I can't get enough of this beautiful scent.

  20. Great video!!! Thanks. Going to get it today!!!

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