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Eternity Men Summer Edition by Calvin Klein Cologne/Fragrance Review (2008)

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  1. You should try and get your hands on 8.5 by Matthew Camp.

    Really really good.

  2. DallasCowboyzfan9

    ck eternity original is my all time favorite, first real cologne iv'e ever tried, and i was young and used to bodyspray at the time and it smelled amazing and still does, you should review it.

  3. what would you reccomend for the sunmer of. 2013? i love something really fruity :) i love your vids!:D

  4. I can always tell when your not too impressed with a fragrance

  5. @takanuvathegreat it just means that you have a newer 2010 edition. I also have the green bottle and I love it.

  6. u may not have heared of it before but u should do a review about jean paul gaultier summer its rare so not very many pple have used it or smelled ot before ive been using it for a year and a half and no one knos what in wearing

  7. You haven't smelled kumquat before? Try Givenchy Xeryus Rouge whenever you can.

  8. I love Eternity, my dad wears it and he only has a pinch left. When my dad wears Eternity, I stick to him like a magnet. I love it soooooo much.

  9. Hey Marc. Nice review! My version of Summer reminds me of a combination KC Reaction and the original Eternity. Not a big fan of Reaction, but the soapiness of Eternity keeps the apple/watermelon fruitiness in check and is one that I really enjoy right now.

  10. Nice Reviews. Keep Going MarK!!!

  11. @robes08 That's what I like about Eternity Summer. The fact that it doesn't smell like the original makes it original. I love the original Eternity too but I think It's overpowering for me. Eternity is my bet vs other summer editions… :)

  12. Do a CoolWater PLEASE MATE !!! :)))

    I think it`s a classic for summer and maybe even spring :)

  13. is Calvin Klein Obsession considered to be the best from the Calvin Klein line in majority's opinion?

  14. @robes08 i smelled it and think it's pretty nice :)

  15. Yeah Marc you're really racking the vids out man! I stupidly blind bought this 2 years ago for about £25 ($40) and it only lasts 2 hours on me which is just a piss take! I much prefer Burberry Summer as it smells nicer and lasts longer on me, cheers Marc.

  16. I would really like to find a good fruity frag. Anything you recommend. Now this may sound stupid, lol, but I smelled calyx and almost thought about getting this for myself. I totally love the smell.

  17. Hey Marc, Fernando here…I did not like Eternity Summer too. Eternity for Man original is different and much better, good for summer too.

  18. @DX12 I don't have the 2010 edition , after this I'm not sure if I want to try another flanker to be honest. I do hear it has some different notes.

  19. @calwel it has some but not much. It felt really stripped down. I felt the same green from the original in this one, the original also has some citrus, but IMO I think the original is much more interesting then this.

  20. if you dont want the eternity im up for it..

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