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Estee Lauder “Wood Mystique” Fragrance Review


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Summary : Good

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  1. Really want to try this now! Thanks for a great, very descriptive review. 

  2. Hello! I keep watching and loving your reviews. I think you have a very detailed scent loving nose. Have you tried Opium ? I was wondering what your opinion is of that and also of Cinema by YSL and Trouble by Boucheron. I keep hearing that Trouble and Cinema smell alike.

  3. This is a lovely review! Great you enjoy! On me the raspberry ruined the whole combo. Just a floral, spicey and semi woody scent, very sharp. Chemical oud that could be ok for beginners, but not for the price. As some other comment above, I prefer JHAG Midnight oud to get introduce 2 oud. Anyway! Great Vid! =)

  4. BlueEyedDemonWoman

    I remember trying this out at the Cairo Duty Free when it first came out….I smelled luscious and exotic for the whole trip to JFK!!!

  5. so good! awesome

  6. I'm glad that it works well for you! 😀 I like the wild oud during the opening, but the raspberry + rose combo turned out to be too sweet and overpowering afterwards. :( I enjoy Amber Mystique more, an oriental incency leathery amber, more on the 'dry amber' side. For rose + oud combo, I think I prefer Juliette has a Gun Midnight Oud and Thierry Mugler Miroir des Voluptes for the moment.

  7. can you review honey marc jacobs 

  8. What a really lovely review. So happy you have found a chic and elegant oud. Oh boy I have to smell this one it sounds wonderful. 

  9. Hmm, notes are interesting!! Does it have the mystique appeal of some woody fragrances, or just the elegant oriental vibe?

  10. Thank you for this review! I struggle with oud as well, and find that it's often overpowering for my western nose. One oud "lite" fragrance that I recently tried and LOVED was Valentino Valentina Oud Assoluto. The oud is present like curls of smoke around the original Valentina notes. Very nice – have you tried it?

  11. Didn't get round to smelling this, the Lauder image and all that. Anyway, I'd put Oud in a 2012 to 2013 trend, Rose had to be 2014…surely? So what do you think will trend in 2015? Coffee, Oak wood or Gold, maybe? (gold does have a smell, apparently) so, what do you think? what would you love to get crazy about this year?  

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