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Estee Lauder Pleasures (1997) Review

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  1. I love that you shined a light on this fragrance! I've been wearing this for almost fifteen years as a pleasant, completely inoffensive office scent, and I am always surprised about how nobody seems to know about it. Estee Lauder in general is very underrated as a men's designer house (Bronze Goddess and its flankers have their devotees on the women's side). Lauder for Men and Metropolis are also fantastic from this house. Beyond Paradise and Intuition are okay, if you like fruity, floral scents. Last year, I was able to hunt down a rare bottle of Pleasure Intense. It's a kiwi bomb which smells entirely unlike the original. I like it, too, but it's such a unique kiwi smell that it's almost too specific for office work, if you get my meaning.

  2. This sounds pretty interesting!

  3. cool i was wondering about this one , sounds good !

  4. haha I too was confused in the beginning .. Didn't sound like max lol. Can't say I ever tried this. I wish perfumes had some balls like they did in the past, now everything seems to be reformulated and watered down.

  5. Really nice touch mate getting all the family involved and such good readers too. Ciao

  6. I was given a barely used bottle of Pleasures for Men a couple years ago by a friend whose husband passed-away. Yep, hitting age 50 while projecting a beast mode 475-pounds does not bode well for one's longevity. But I digress..I found Pleasures to…well, be pleasurable (pun intended) but it didn't Wow! me. Conversely, it was far better than I had imagined the horror of a men's fragrance concoction being brewed in a witches cauldron deep within the catacombs of the house of Estee Lauder.

    While I have reached for Pleasures for Men dozens of times, I have probably worn it once or twice around the house. That's it! Typically, I will sniff the atomizer and think to myself, "This fragrances smells nice." But I always find a reason not to wear it on my skin…and I'm completely sure as to the reasons why? C'est la vie.

    Anyway, it's not a bad scent (worth checking out) and a terrific review.

  7. good family work

  8. who are you and what have you done with Max?

    l.e: nevermind.

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