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Estee Lauder PERFECTIONIST Youth Infusing Makeup : REVIEW & DEMO

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  1. I bought this based on this review and have to say it is one of the worst foundations
    I have bought!. I didn't expect it to last as long as the double wear but this wore off within two hours :-(

  2. your videos are perfect! you are so good at reviews and I always feel like i am thoroughly informed on products after watching your reviews and demos. Keep up the greatness!

  3. this is my holy grail! recently started using it and couldn't be happier. I've tried so many foundations that just don't work on my dry skin, but this absolutely does!

  4. Thanks Doll, you are gorgeous!

  5. I discovered this one day at a local dept.store and tried a bit on and when I got to the car and saw my skin in daylight , I knew this was going to be a REALLY GOOD CHOICE FOR ME. I have been using it almost daily for about two months now and I still love what it does for my skin… which led me to your review as I was curious to see if others were having a good experience as well and also to pick up a few tips on application, etc. I have been applying mine with the new bare minerals  reservoir brush and that works great but I'm really like the one you used and will now go on the hunt for that! I think the interesting thing about this is that I am almost 50 and my skin is dry to very dry and I don't use a primer, I just use the basic Clinique DD lotion and it transforms my skin as well. Definitely a hit! Glad I found Goo Roo Beauty *-)

  6. Hello! I just purchased this foundation and I love. Got a sample of it. Now I want that brush. Looks really good on you. 

  7. do you think this will also work on oily combination skin?

  8. I tried the double wear and it would fade away.
    I returned the bottle and the ladies were giving me a hard time at macys.
    They said it was a good foundation and I agree it's a good foundation if you only have a two hour event.
    If longer then that then you better bring your bottle for touch ups.

  9. Jodi, I liked this one a lot. Didn't like the Double Wear too much (it's just alright, too 'mask-like', a little stiff and matte on my face). I am 40 and find this gives just my face a dewy look without being oily. It looks natural, not made up like the Double Wear. My first ever Estée Lauder foundation. Great review as always.

  10. hey dear – gorgeous Video! you look stunning 😀 I love the foundation myself and just did a Review Video too – wanna have a look? it would mean a lot :) thanks, xo, sandra

  11. In the uk W7 (a really cheap cheap brand has exactly the same brush you can find it on eBay for about £5.00) I wouldn't use it for foundation but it's not a bad brush for contouring believe it it not! Really want this foundation great review. x

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