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Estee Lauder Christmas 2010 Pure Colour Extravagant Gold And Sensuous Noir perfume Review

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  1. @topshopdoherty Ah thank you!! The lipgloss if that's what you meant is not LE so all counters ought to have that. xxxx

  2. I think your brilliant, I was wondering of the nude estee lauder lipstick was limited edition, I'm a devoted Estee Lauder girl and can't seem to find it any where.

  3. @staciarose20 yes exactly! That what I meant but you phrased it better! It has all of those (didn't pick up Opium but you might be right! That perfume is VERY strong isn't it! reminds me of my childhood haha) but somehow yes this SN is not as strong, yet does last all day. So glad you like it!! xxxx

  4. I love the Sensuous Noir perfume. I do think it has notes from several good perfumes rolled into one. The first day I wore it I did pick up on Tom Ford, Opium, and Flowerbomb. It's not as powerful as all three combined, but itt also lasts so well.

  5. @hvanasse OH!!!! Yes that makes sense! Thanks so much for the insider tip xxxxx

  6. Hi! I work for Estee Lauder and I wanted to tell you, with the lip palette, it is a red lipstick in the middle and four glosses. Depending on which gloss you layer over that middle red, it shifts the color, essentially giving you five red lipsticks: Red, Gold Red, Champagne Red, Burgundy Red, and Orange Red. Or course, you can wear the glosses by themselves if you wish!

  7. @originalslushey Yes I really understand how some celebrities insist on flying their hairdressers all over the globe with them! I wish I could master the art of a hairdresser-perfect blowdry. I have the most amazing hairdryer (Parlux) and all the best brushes and serums, yet still it eludes me haha. Oh well! Thanks so much you are too kind xxxx

  8. @ooglemakeup lol I think it should be the law that hairdressers have to stay right by our sides like an assistant 24/7…for the same amount of money we already pay of course. I promise to feed mine well. :) You always look pretty though hairdresser or not.

  9. @originalslushey Thank you! Yes straight after the hairdresser I look a lot more presentable haha xxxx

  10. You look very sophisticated in this video! Very smart look!

  11. @MadameReynaud Yes amazingly chip-resistant! Worth the extra pennies I say! xxxx

  12. Hellooo blondie! Hair looks fabulous and the soft red lips suit you so well! Funky manicure too – really, it doesn't chip after 3 days? Lots of love, see you soon, Tima xx

  13. @TheMoultonj thanks! let me know what you think! xxx

  14. AAAHH! I can’t wait to sniff the perfume! You’ve made me very curious.
    Thanks for sharing,

  15. @delacotta360 Thank you so much for watching! Yes thought it would be more appropriate to look a little smart when talking about such an elegant collection! xxxx

  16. @oxfordjasmine haha even cold hearted OxfordJasmine! only kidding. Yes I know what you mean xxxx I love sparkly things!

  17. @foxycleox I just bought a backup of the gold polish haha xxxx

  18. @foxycleox thank you that's so kind of you xxxx

  19. @ginabinawina99 Hhaha Gina you are so sweet. Thank you! Oh you would appreciate their polish. But I know you have millions I've seen your collection xxxx

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