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Escada Taj Sunset Perfume Review

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  1. yaaa…… you take your perfume REAL scarily you should see mwa collection i have 71 lol but i like your perfumes too xx

  2. fenomentaLdianna

    I miss it!!!

  3. Your hair looks AMAZING in this!!

  4. SparklingRed Rose

    is it citrusy by any way ??? cause I HATE citrus smells
    & here in Egypt there is no testers for Escada

  5. thanks for the review :)

  6. Suzette Mancillas

    Lol ur so funny! I love ur personality ur awesome! I want to try it out.

  7. I wish I had like 500$ to get all the escada scents ugh! sucks being broke

  8. i have it, smells gooood

  9. You are so sweet:) Thanks for this video! I think I will buy eighter this or the Marin groove:)

  10. BeautyChaotic.com

    @jamiebelly7905 Ya it's totally my fave so far!!! I still love Rockin Rio and Island Kiss but this is the best one so far!

  11. BeautyChaotic.com

    @Passionate4Nails Ya I pretty much buy the new one every summer, they have yet to fail me with their summer scents!

  12. BeautyChaotic.com

    @1DvyneLady Thank you my darling!

  13. BeautyChaotic.com

    @Ftaires I love this song, it always relaxes me!

  14. BeautyChaotic.com

    @mzrey Thanks babygurl, luv ya!!!

  15. BeautyChaotic.com

    @XxLilTravieza187Xx I'm working in it!!! I'll do it soon tho, I promise!!!!!!

  16. BeautyChaotic.com

    @gummybearandhearts Thank you so much!

  17. BeautyChaotic.com

    @Jenjcl0419 Thanks, I will! Light fragrances are my favorite!

  18. BeautyChaotic.com

    @mileyrayluver1 Thank you!

  19. BeautyChaotic.com

    @knics33 I would totally do a perfume collection video!

  20. BeautyChaotic.com

    @neonkinpatsu Island Kiss is still an all time fave!

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