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Escada Pour Homme – Fragrance Review!

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  1. MrDare2bdifferent

    I am not familiar with the blue one but to my understanding they are different fragrances. & as far as wearing the version I have reviewed on a daily basis no. It is a elegant, classy fume. This would not be good for everyday wear. Special occasions yes!

  2. i got the light blue one called "silver light" for free not the orange one. is it the same stuff ? and is this something you could wear daily?

  3. @MrDare2bdifferent lol! imma defintely try this thingo out

  4. MrDare2bdifferent

    Thanks! Yes it does smell of Cognac. I wore this recently Christmas day & my aunt was sniffing & looking crazy while she asked, WHO HAS BEEN DRINKING???? LOL! I knew then & there she was referring to the smell of Escada Pour Homme! It last the entire time. Its good stuff, but not for everyone!

  5. good review mayne

    does it really smells like cognac?

    for how long the cognac stay?

  6. MrDare2bdifferent


    Your welcome! The vanilla is there, but I wont say that it is like gourmands. Its nicely done, not over the top. Enjoy!

  7. Thanks for the review! I've been looking for a video review of this for a long time.

    How is the base? is the vanilla sweet/prominent like gourmands?

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