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Escada Magnetism for Men by Escada | Fragrance Review

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  1. I like this one. The grape soda! Great review!! ?

  2. Recently purchased euphoria for men by ck from dracdoc.com great site and super fast delivery thank Cody. 

  3. Awesome review Cody!

  4. Great video! The popular discontinued fragrance!! I never got into this but it sounds like I might like it!!

  5. Wonderful as usual. This one sounds too sweet for me. 

  6. Do people in Times Square recognize you just from being there so often? No experience with this scent. SOTD: Verbana by Loccitane

  7. I didn't think this was anything special. It seemed more of a club scent that smells a little juvenile in the heart and then turned into a dated "synthetic" musk in the dry down. I realize that these aspects are actually appealing to some.  Just not my taste. I had to give it away.  Excellent job as usual.

  8. Avoid at all costs !!!

  9. Yo Cody, this vid & that fragrance brought back many memories. This was a pre niche secret weapon for me

  10. Great review Cody. Still have not smelled this. Heard a lot of great things about this scent. 

  11. Have you tried labdanum 18 its a smoother, a little fresher and a lighter version of musc ravageur. I think it's also done by the same perfumer! 

  12. Overrated and overpriced in my opinion. 

  13. I like your idea that it's a fall fragrance, from your description it could be an especially good late Oct Halloween fragrance.  I liked diet grape soda as a teenager, back in the days of saccharin, but the company quit making diet grape soda. Saccharin went away around 1980 or so.

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