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Escada Magnetism Commercial

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Perfume Studio Select Perfume Oil IMPRESSION with SIMILAR Fragrance Accords to: -{*ESCADDA_MAGNETISM}*_WOMEN*; 100% Pure No Alcohol Oil (Perfume Oil VERSION/TYPE; Not Original Brand)

  • Perfume Studio Top Quality Pure Parfum IMPRESSION, Similar to -{*ESCADDA_MAGNETISM}*_WOMEN*, 100% Pure Undiluted, No Alcohol Premium Perfume Oil (VERSION/TYPE Oil; Not Original Brand)
  • Our premium perfume oils are not only a great and economical alternative to original brands, but also perfect to use as a sample to get an idea of the original scent character, fragrance accords and body chemistry comparability before spending a lot of money on a full size original bottle
  • For Best Results, it's recommended to apply pure perfume oils in the following body and pulse point areas: Behind the Ears, Inside Elbows, Down You Back, Inside Wrist, Behind your Knees, Base of Throat, and Belly Button Area.
  • An Alcohol Free, Top Grade Perfume Oil with Long Lasting Scent - Packed in a 10ml, Travel Size Refillable Roller Bottle. Made in the USA from the Highest Quality Perfume and Essential Oils Available; Skin Safe; Phthalate and Vanillin Free.
  • IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ: This Perfume Oil is a TYPE/VERSION/IMPRESSION of Original Fragrance with Similar Scent and Fragrance Accords to Original Name Brand Fragrance. PLEASE Do Not confuse with Original Brand/Manufacturer.
Perfume Studio IMPRESSION Perfume Oil SIMILAR to -{*ESCADDA_MAGNETISM}*_WOMEN*, 100% Pure Undiluted, No Alcohol Premium Parfum Oil (A Parfum Oil VERSION/TYPE; Not Original Brand) Perfume Studio oils are skillfully and professionally crafted using complex and expensive premium grade raw materials and essential oils with a skin-safe composition (Phthalate and Vanillin Free), including the same or better raw quality materials found in pricey original brand name fragrances. All of our oils are harm

List Price: $ 43.00 Price: $ 14.94

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