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Escada Magnetism Cologne/Fragrance Review.

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  1. @kwduhon Yeah brother this is one of a kind!!!

  2. I love it.
    I gave some to my brother and he smells grape and his wife smells grape and they never seen the bottle or box, they are going by the sample I sent him.

  3. @martinaee I agree man, Kerosene has been the only one to review this one appropriately. My 1.7 oz bottle is at about 90% full so I've had a lot of time with it and worn it quite a lot. It's nice and I almost wish it had a grape soda smell but as you stated, I think that people are looking at the bottle and just associating the color with the idea of grape.

  4. @aidenryu Yup, it's the purple bottle that makes everyone say "grape" lol

  5. suck away girl hahaha

  6. @aidenryu Im gonna smell this one out some more ~ Everyone has given me a different reaction! =)

  7. This is nice but doesn't remind me of grape soda. It reminds me of a vanilla coke or something along those lines. I'd even go as far as saying that it smells like midnight in paris and bulgari black, without the rubber note of course. It's somewhat creamy with a vanilla soda fizz feel. You're crazy Joey haha great one!

  8. @mrcoreynitro hahahah =) You know it!

  9. @leozito2004 Yeah buddy!!! Gonna be smelling Fly! Projection is 8/10 =)

  10. Hell yeah, my bottle is coming next week, let's see how is it gonna do with the ladies here. How is projection on you with this fragrance Joey?

  11. Chicks dig sweet scents. I'm about to just shower in Cocoa.

  12. @martinaee You know it power rangers FTW! I actually think it smells like grape fizz from a freshly opened soda lmao!!

  13. Wait… wait.. wait…. do you actually think it smells like "grape" soda or is that just because it's purple lol…. try to imagine the bottle is bright orange or something— do you still think it smells literally like grape soda or more just like cola lol…. I was having this discussion with Kerosene lol and he doesn't get the "grape cola" either… just more of a woodsy cola smell.

    P.S. 10 points for the power rangers…. only the best rangers there ever were!!!!!

  14. @freakin13guy Yeah trust me, u wouldn't say that if u had this sample. I don't buy the skin is different shit, I just think some juice might be laying around or notes end up losing their oomph. there def is major fluctuations on what people get with colognes, and it usually gets blamed on drykin, body chemistry and faulty noses, but I think its the actual juice now. I wish i still had the sample Id send it to u so u see what i mean. hows it going brother

  15. @Guinea54 you gotta be shitting me!?! My skin is dry as hell and I get an easy 8-12 hrs plus it jumps off my skin and carries like it was A mens little brother… dude someone pissed on your sample…

  16. @grgfourtinas lmao You know it!

  17. @hbkryme You got it dude!

  18. @freakin13guy Rofl…Well said!

  19. It's classified as woods cause thats exactly what it results in! HUGE BONERS (woodies) when bitches catch a whiff of this shit and gravitate towards your junk!

  20. Mad Love for the '90s RANGERS!!!

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