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Escada Cherry in the Air Fragrance Review

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  1. it's the best perfume I've ever had….

  2. Gabriel Carlos deandra

    ok so i live in a communist third world country and it is super expensive here and you cant test it cuz they have them in limited amounts…so its up to u, is this fragrance worth the money for a blind buy?

  3. i got escadas' island kiss,love,love,love!

  4. Thank you for your review!

  5. It's my new favorite

  6. That's my next purchase! I heard so many great things about this one! xoxo

  7. I got tons free samples the paper ones lol I love it as well have you got dreams from kohl's :) there's a giftset now with body lotion and body wash and the 1.0oz perfume mariah did amazing again!! I took a handful of dreams samples from kohl's lol to collect :) I have all Mariah's fragrances dreams is a great scent the dry down has a resemblance of M her first fragrance it's for the nostalgia and are you excited for 11/11 the art of letting go single!! And album

  8. I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT THE FIRST TIME I BOUGHT IT! Im halfway done with it and im definitely buying another one! The only thing is that it doesnt last long on me :(

  9. Whats a mimi ring? Lol

  10. I just looove Cherry in the Air!! <3 But it's really a problem the 'limited edition' thing because I live in Brazil and here it's very difficult to find it for that reason.. :T Had to buy it from Europe, much more expesive.. but, oh well.. it's worth it!!!! <3

  11. Its a edt it's not suppose to last long

  12. we were all joking around but of course no one wants to sell like candy or gum! that's why I was hoping this would b a mature fruity scent. still haven't gotten a chance to smell it yet :[

  13. Btw, cherry blossom is a tree so perfumes done with this note are meant to be floral, not fruity. My boyfriend bought me this perfume today and I love it. :))

  14. Rusty Shackleford

    Did they mean it as a compliment? Fruity scents often remind people of fruit candy.

  15. Rusty Shackleford

    I've been using this perfume nearly everyday for the past few weeks. I love the scent of cherries so much, I am trying to find a way to make it last longer. I feel like it lasts 2-3 hours on me :(

  16. Heard about this from Gregory gorgeous but did some extra research cause I really wanna get this. I LOVE fruit scents but I've had unfortunate experiences where people said I smelled like candy or fruit gum -_- really excited to make this purchase and if all is well ill buy more on amazon ^_^ thanks for the review

  17. I went to Ulta today looking for a different perfume… I saw this cherry perfume and was like I gotta have it but they had no more… So I'm ordering online . It's perfectly sweet

  18. i just bought this and i think it smells nice for spring-summer and i think i won't get any summer perfumes anymore cause i got the perfect summer smell =)

  19. I just got to the part of the review where you mention it's not long lasting. I won't be purchasing it anymore because that's the point of a perfume to me. Thank you for an honest review.

  20. I love the smell it's just not long lasting.. any suggestions for layering?

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