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Escada Born in Paradise | Fragrance Review

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  1. Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

  2. do you still have the file of that song in the background that starts at 2:34? I cant find it anywhere If you still have it can i get a copy of it?

  3. Three Drops of Sunshine (3DropsofSunshine)

    I LOVE this one as well. It's just beautiful!!!

  4. Κυριακή Τραπεζανλίδου

    I bought this fragrance after I saw your video and it smells amazing! !♥

  5. I just got a sample of this…. omg. I just keep sniffing myself. Such a warm skin amazing smell. My goodness. I just searched for reviews of it and your video popped up and… I should just blindly buy every scent you like. lol

  6. Please do a perfume collection ! :)

  7. Drama Queen :(

  8. ur hair is goooorgeus! 

  9. Frances Espinoza

    Great review! When I went to kohls I seen the Escada cherry in the air reminded me of u so I went to go spray it n OMG ♥ it!!! How do u like the iphone compared to the galaxy? :-)

  10. i like your rivers i have escada too love the smells and on the back is a type of bird called a quetzal and it lives in costa rica

  11. sounds very fruity…smelled da cherry in da air,omg,smells jus like cherries! tonz a huggiez boo!

  12. Love your videos,please do a perfume collection or a collection on all the escada perfumes because i'm intrested in buying some ascada perfumes.gracias

  13. You sold me girl! I'm goin to get it!

  14. All That Beauty With Lori
  15. All That Beauty With Lori

    Is there any one you love more from them? I have thought of trying out some of their fragrance's I sure want to have something new this year. :)  I also want to try out some of Marc Jacobs scents too, I have had a sample of Daisy and love the smell. But haven't tried the others he has out. And the notes sound wonderful in this one, I do like Musk and vanilla scents. But I do like fruity ones too, think the only ones I can't handle are the ones that smell so strong. Your nose feels like it is going to burn off. LOL

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