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Eros by Versace Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. One of my fave perfumes! 

  2. Great review, thorough, well presented. You definitely speak knowledgeably about the product and subject matter. Also your description box is in a clean, easy to use, and helpful format. Keep up the good work.

  3. I just got this, and I have been giving it a lot of tries…i just can't get my brain to like it. 

    What I mean by that is, I like the citrus/mint top, I do. It's almost a wee-bit reminiscent of Armani Code (which i cannot stand) but I'm a sucker for gourmands so once the vanilla kicks in, it makes things interesting. 

    I think it's the polarizing factor that has me against the wall. It smells good, for sure, but that tug-of-war between the lemon and vanilla keep me struggling to like it.. 

    Nice frag, but I may end up passing. 


  4. Projection is a beast! Minimum 15 feet with only 2sprays. Great in cold summer nights

  5. Fantastic review .
    You seem to be so better informed than other reviewers!
    I am waiting for my bottle of eros to arrive any day now.
    I have to admit I do prefer the heavier ,longer lasting scents than say dolce gabbana the one that has a great scent but very poor longevity and projector.
    One milion intense and the absolutely gold versions of paca robanne are particular favourites of mine.
    So I hope this new edition does not let me down

  6. Detailed as ever great review that can help make ones decision :-)

  7. Ethan Fisher-Perez

    I am thirteen, and I am wanting my first fragrance. What should I get? Just throw some things out there!!

  8. 1 word for This cologne is "Sweet" lol i love it tho got a couple comments, but in my opinion 1 spray is good don't try to put too much on . Overall smells great !

  9. Ethan Fisher-Perez

    I got a sample of this, and it is one of those that you pull open the foil and then rub it on yourself.It smells rather lotiony. Does the actual spray smell better? It probably does..

  10. Hello could you please review versace oud noir amazing fragrance would like your opinion on it thanks. 

  11. Great review. Like your detailed/intellectual approach.

  12. Great review. Sub.

  13. Thank you for the review, very informative! One question: I do have Le Male, One MIllion, Armani Code Ultimate, is it worth buying Eros? I mean, does Eros stand out?)

  14. Does it smell better than pour homme

  15. Mr. King Sir Master

    Bvlgari Black vs. Versace Eros vs. 1million by Paco Rabane… Which is the best? 

  16. Sergio Arturo Garcia Ortega

    Thanks to your video, i buy this fragrance, i really in love of your reviews, and this fragance is amazing, thank you so much.

  17. Whitefox Geneticz

    Hey man !! Love your video but may I reccomend you segment the parts of your video in the description . For say ; Smell: 08:30 … etc . It would be really helpful. Pardon my english and didnt meant to offend you if I did.

  18. After i watched your review, i bought the Eros. The Paco Rabbane One Million was my signature fragrance, but now it's the Versace Eros. It's a refreshing sent after using the One Million few years. Great review, greatings from Serbia.

  19. hi bought the euro bar there in the box is equal to its kk, the bar is the lot?

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