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(ENG) Marc Jacobs: BANG & BANG BANG / Fragrance Review

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  1. bang bang is really good,ive got a sample that was given in a department store, and im buying it soon..good review,not enough love for this great frag..

  2. Great perspective, fun video – thanks!

  3. Cheers. Glad I could help, OLATUNJI05!

  4. like that term blind buy..i try not to do it with fragrances but every now and again I will.I agree with you…the bottle is cool looking!!

  5. very cute (the lady)and very thorough and informative!!thanks so much.def agree about BANG and the pepper aspect.

  6. Gonzagafragrance206

    I don't know how i missed this but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS REVIEW. Really liked it & you have me intrigued with how you said this fragrance was multi-faceted. I may actually end up blind-buying it just for the heck of it, if it ends up being a dud, it'll still look amazing on my shelf with the blue colored bottle, LOL 😀

  7. Haha, Gottlieb is getting her ass kicked. Dill? That's rather exotic. I think I'll find some dill frags when I go to Scandinavia. Will review if I'll find some :)

  8. :) Thanks for the suggestion! I've done that in my Finnish blog, maybe I could add it to my vids as well.

  9. *rimshot* well played :-)… I like your reviews. Short and nice. How about touching occasions as well as seasons in future reviews?

  10. Doesn't matter as long it Bangs.

  11. Hmmm… I haven't thought of it like that before. On the back maybe. How do you prefer it? Standing up or lying on the back? *notch notch*

  12. Indeed, Topgear! But is it meant to be kept on its "feet" or on its back? That is the question.

  13. But the Bang bottle is cool I think.

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