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(ENG) Carolina Herrera CH Men / Fragrance Review

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  1. Absolutely love your voice and what a smile! Really good review. I recently added CH Men to my collection and I'm happy I did as it has garnered me compliments.

  2. What's the name of the song ??? I think it goes with the cologne 

  3. Nice review!  The music is a very nice touch but it is a little too loud.  I don't mind it being loud but it puts your voice in the background.

  4. I have no idea what people are talking about? the music is fantastic! you have wonderful taste! The only thing i would say is just a tiny bit lower volume, other than that it is perfect! 

    Awesome review,


  5. great review but the background music is a bit too loud. thanks.

  6. Damn! U have the SEXXXIEST smile!!!

  7. You are so sexy.

  8. Are you from Brazil I want to try something diffrent sounds good

  9. Where is your accent from? Thanks for the review!

  10. Where do you buy this? I'm in the US. I want to buy one but I don't want a rip off edition 

  11. I liked your review but just one complaint: the music was very loud and very distracting…

  12. What song is it playing?

  13. Great review!

  14. UrDesignatedShooter

    wow your cute nice review

  15. Great calming review! I just got this in today.  I enjoy sweet colognes.  Scent of the day is Rochas Man. I'll be wearing CH tomorrow. 

  16. You should talk just a litle bit more about the flask. Awesome review, makes me feel the scent! 😉

  17. I totally agree your sayings. Perfect explanation.Well done

  18. Love your review, simple and clean. Your attitude is great too 😀

  19. nice review

  20. Great review!! I will try carolina herrera ch men, and i will let you know how it works on me

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