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EMPTY PRODUCTS | JANUARY 2015 | Estée Lalonde

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  1. are soap and glory products expensive? x😘

  2. Your hair and makeup here 😍😍😍I love it! I've been watching a few of your early 2015 vids for some makeup/hair inspiration 😁

  3. hey, i really like the makeup you are waring in this video <3 .

  4. Love a) the effort you put into achieving your goals (empty those products!), and b) the empties tower on your desk!

  5. Your make up looks so amazing. Love it. 

  6. Where can you get the first aid beauty products in the UK???

  7. ‫بسمة ابوجبل‬‎

    Essi I'm from Saudi Arabia and you know another continent so we have absolutely different drugstores and I can't find some products you show so if you can give us the links of the drugstores if they have to by this awesome products , thank you 💕 you are always help me 🙋 and I'm in love with vanilla to , we have the same taste in many things. Love ya 

  8. Loove your lipstick

  9. Where did you get the water bottle in this video? It's so cute!

  10. This shit isn't about mathematics.


  11. Madeleine Sandberg

    I know that a lot of people who do this video talk about one product in the whole video. You just talk simple and understanding fast. Like it a lot!

  12. Obsessed with that lip color! Makes me want to bust out my Mac Diva lipstick. Love the videos!

  13. When she started rapping I almost died hahahah

  14. Can we get a makeup tutorial on this look? You look amazing!

  15. i bought the dove shampoo cause of you, and was really sceptical, with the whole 'more volume blablabla'. But i loved what you said about being lightweight, cause my hair always gets weighed down and looks like shiz. I love love love the shampoo!! It actually does give some volume, or atleast doesn't weigh my hair down, this is like a whole new experience for me. Thanks for the mention i never would have reached for it otherwise!!

  16. LOVE this makeup look!!


  18. And the tower slayz

  19. Yes I love nail envy!

  20. Rosy Disposition

    Your winged liner in this vid is flawless. I couldn't stop looking at it. It is one thing I just can't do :'( Great video by the way 

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