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  1. Sydney Chantelle

    When you showed the close up of the screwdriver I laughed my ass off, too funny.

  2. Louise Klinkenberg


  3. michelle catherine

    You look amazing in this video! 💖💖

  4. amla is gooseberry

  5. the colour of your jumper is amazing

  6. Thumbs down for swearing. You can say what you want- just making you aware of why I stopped watching your video.

  7. that screwing joke was gold

  8. it's hilarious that you still showed a close up of the screwdriver hahahha

  9. I love how you still displayed the screw driver

  10. Loved the video :)) Made me smile xx

  11. LOVE your sweater and makeup combo!! Great colours!

  12. you look really nice.

  13. I'm actually LOLing at the screw driver close up hahaha

  14. So you're a little like Angel. You went Deep into Buffe and crazy things started happening ;)

  15. I like how you say to just ignore the random screwdriver, but then you proceed to film a closeup of it! hahaha

  16. Oh my god I died when you made that joke and expression about Aslan screwing! hahaha Estée, I love you so much 😂

  17. Your voice is so soothing and calming! I hope that didn't come of as creepy :). Mucho love!

  18. Estée! I love this video so much. My bank account won't be too good now because I just wanna by everything!! One question, where did you get that jumper?? Love love love it!!

  19. I laughed out loud when everything was rattling. You have the best personality – watching your videos feels like I'm watching a friend.

  20. Beautiful count: 64

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