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Empties Lately #10 | Aussie, Maybelline, CoverGirl & MORE

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  1. I just posted an empties video a few days ago. LOVE these!!!!

  2. Brittany_Nicole

    I've been using the Tresemme TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray for a few years now and I love it. I find it
    works really well for my hair.

  3. I was not a fan of It's a 10 either. I tried the original and the keratin version and it really didn't do anything for my wavy, frizzy, dry hair. I prefer the Healthy Sexy Hair spray in conditioner.

  4. loved watching your video! already looking forward to the next one

  5. I've always wanted to try falsies and I've been interested in Socialeyes because I love Karissa so much! But I'm with you on I want them to maybe look like they could be mine. Moracco or whatever has an AMAZING dry shampoo I love but nothing beats Batiste for me. It's my ride or die for sure and I've tried almost every dry shampoo. Ever. Psssttt used to seriously be the only one haha. But great video. I think you should keep your trash! ;]

  6. Ooo I love watching other people's empties! It's so interesting to see what other people like :) I made one not too long ago and i'm hoping to make another one soon! Would love to see more of yours when you collect more up 😀 <3

  7. Empties vids are the best <3

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