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Emporio Armani Remix He by Armani Fragrance/Cologne Review (2006)

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  1. Ruben Ashley Westerhoff

    can't like it, again

  2. The original is amazing..

  3. @Guinea54 no not yet

  4. you ever try the original emporio?

  5. Aqqaluk Hans S. Møller

    My sister has this one for "she" i think it is good 😉

  6. @robes08

    "over a year"! wow, that's thorough…. almost too much.

  7. I tried Armani Code, and called it a day. Nothing about them make me think they're something I need to try.

  8. great song at the intro…i listen to it all the time to get pumped up to fight homeless guys in the streets. WEST SIDE. REPRESENT.

  9. Hi Marc

    The bottle reminds me of a CS gas spray bottle.

  10. hahahaha "I just wanna bit it"

  11. @robes08 I think I'll buy it, I'm 20 and I think is a more mature scent but yet I love it, also have you ever smelled Minotaure by Paloma Piccaso? also an under the radar fragrance! In my opinion is very good.

  12. @robes08 Thanks Chief, yeah it's about time someone doesn't sugar coat a fragrance!

  13. Armani = so so juice for almost niche price… They think they are selling gold in those bottles…

  14. @MrDare2bdifferent totally agree , Armani cuts corners on everything and charges a premium

  15. @hh155 Usually over a period of a year I want to wear a fragrance at least 30 days MINiMUM , and try to wear it at least once in every season and once at night and once during the day of those seasons

  16. @LovelyLittleLullaby I would love to but I don't own a bottle yet. This is the only one from the He line that i have at the moment

  17. @henrymma they still sell it online, it's on fragrancex for 20 bucks , I never smelled it personally , cool bottle tho

  18. @IaMJoEycAnNoli i subbed to your channel , interesting reviews I must say lol

  19. the packaging reminds me of a cheap piece of candy! I can see where your coming from Marc..this s a pass for me..I love the fact that no matter how shitty something is you don't bash a bad fragrance but sometimes you gotta give your piece of mind! Armani get ur head out of the gutter…

  20. Thanks for bringing something different to the community. I do not care for Armani fragrances @ all. Like you said the bottle is cheaply made.

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