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Ellen Busts Adam Levine

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  1. "Money is a powerful thing"
    i laugh o hard on that part xD

  2. She is so funny

  3. 'I like it as well." Fave part.

  4. 'I like it as well." Fave part

  5. I would buy the cologne instead of the perfume

  6. haha

  7. Ellen you should defiantly get Simon Cowell and Adam Levin together to an interview because they'll get too see what it'll be like knowing the other group !

    P.s I love your videos and hope that you continue with your great achievements


  8. Kevin Rydzynski

    Love your show

  9. Victor Villegas

    Ok I didn't know he had a fragrance! Yay! I'm gonna get it I love him for his music NOT looks :) he is cute though

  10. I simply Love this guy

  11. Love adam

  12. Idk why i thought of justin timberlake but now i really wanna see adam and jt and ellen together!

  13. Adam Levine is so so FIT!

  14. Huh… bought the white one for a dude…

  15. Misleading title smh

  16. I just thinks that Adam Levine and Choi Siwon have a lil bit similarity in personality (and laugh too actually) 😁

  17. Nice Title, gotta get my mind out of the gutter

  18. Marcella Ganzorig

    I always got a bad vibe from him, no matter how much people seem to promote him… Now I know why..


  19. Michelle Heckles

    we need to clone him. we need to clone him and give one to every woman on earth.

  20. uploaded on my bday

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