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Ellealie’s Perfumery – My Collection

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Midnight Romance By Ralph Lauren Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.3 fl. oz.

  • Design House: Ralph Lauren
MIDNIGHT ROMANCE by Ralph Lauren for WOMEN EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 3.3 OZ Launched by the design house of Ralph Lauren in 2014

List Price: $ 94.00 Price: $ 64.50

Ralph Lauren Blue by Ralph Lauren Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 oz Women

Ralph Lauren Blue by the design house of Ralph Lauren was introduced in 2003. This aquatic aroma is refreshing and crisp. Ralph Lauren Blue is a blend of soft florals with watery freshness to top it off. This refreshing aroma is perfect for daytime wear.

Price: $ 69.99


  1. LynziMarieMakeup

    oooooh j'adore Miss Dior Cherie!!!
    gorgeous scent!

  2. Daisy by marc jacobs <3

  3. I love Salvatore Ferragamo – Incanto Charms & Incanto Bliss! My all time favourites!! =D

  4. My favorite parfume that i think i will love for ever is Maxmara`s it really does not have a name i think at least not on the bottle but its kinda goldy and that is another thing i love about it but really it describes me purfectly

  5. trash3dnscat3red


  6. There's a Japanese Cherry Blossom candle?!!!!!!!

  7. I LOOOVE Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture. I think the original juicy perfume smells like a grandma but viva la juicy is amazing. Its a fairly new perfume and i went through the small bottle really fast so my mom bought me the beast size bottle haha. And the bottle is adorable! And I was like holy crap…getting carsick… and then you said "I think I'm making you guys sick" hahahah

  8. you should try "Light Blue" by Dolce and Gabbana! it has been my favorite for EVER!! Juicy perfume is nice too but not nearly as good. I always thought it was pronounced like Bur-Bur-ee

  9. I love the Ralp by Ralph Lauren!

  10. i wear sexy little things noir like everyday. its really girly and i even love the scent for going out sometimes. not overpowering at all. i also have the Nollie Shine, which you can get at pacsun. very citrusy–great for summer. for a sexy feel, i use Candies(original scent in the orange bottle) my husband cannot resist this stuff!

  11. I love the juicy coutoure? (i cant spell) one. my collection consists of, jennifer lopez's luxe, britney spear's curious, fantasy and curious in control, and juicy cotoure =D

  12. I am all about Cacherel's Amor Amor. I use it everyday and night, and go through so many bottles. I love love love it!!

  13. I think its really funny that you love the honey suckle perfume, and you said you used to get stung by bee's a lot. You are attracting them more.. lol

  14. i absolutely LOVE dolce & gabbana light blue…it's such a nice summery light scent…=]

  15. Elle, does it smell like honey from Bee's or honeysuckles ?? Which one ?

  16. I have Daisy by Marc Jacobs but sometimes i find the floral notes a little overpowering, but very feminine. I found that their solid perfume was more lighter. Is that how it smells to others? I kind of reserve it for the winter or night time.

    I also enjoy wearing DKNY's Delicious in green, especially for spring/summer.

  17. I LOVE MISS DIOR! <3

  18. Tell Blair to do a perfume vid too!

  19. givenchy hot couture!

  20. I see u like sweet perfumes like me :) my favs are
    Delices by Cartier
    Juicy by Juicy Couture

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