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Elie Saab “Le Parfum” Fragrance Review

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Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 1.6 Ounce

  • Design House: Elie Saab
  • Fragrance Notes: flowers, orange blossom and jasmine
  • Recommended Use: daytime
ELIE SAAB LE PARFUM by Elie Saab for WOMEN EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1.6 OZ Launched by the design house of Elie Saab in 2011, ELIE SAAB LE PARFUM by Elie Saab possesses a blend of flowers, orange blossom and jasmine. It is recommended for daytime wear.

List Price: $ 90.00 Price: $ 42.49


  1. Michelle aka constantconnie

    Hi! Oh wow the bottle is what drew me in to get a test sample too! I got the edt and oh boy did I fall in looove! The only thing was, it didn't last or project very much. So I gave the edp a go. Phew I got a headache straight away . It was beautiful despite that it gave me a headache . It and would have been perfect ! I guess it was the patchouly or Jasmine. :( I keep going back to it to give it more chances because I really want it the edp to work for me.
    Have you ever smelled guerlain's flora nymphia ? If so do you think it smells really similar to ES? (Edp)
    Lovin your vides btw ?

  2. Best perfume ever! (and I happen to be quite savvy when it comes to perfumes) Elie Saab is a genius!

  3. u r saying it right, its a lebanese name , my boss's name was elee 

  4. I really like your taste (not only in this review!).
    Elie Saab is my favourite designer ever, and his perfume is as feminine as his collections. 

  5. I absolutely love this perfume. it has two of my absolute favorite notes Orange Blossom & Jasmine. Really pretty! I was shcked by the bad reviews on this one, but I guess it's just not for everybody

  6. You forgot the bitter… 😉 do you feel it?
     I love that bitter sweet note..

  7. Just got this for my g.f. I can't wait to see for her reaction.. I love it on tester.. now I wait to smell it on her skin.. :) She's the Alien T.M. type.. hope I made the right choice.. I got a set with lotion and shower.. eau de parfum (no the toilet) ..

  8. BlueEyedDemonWoman

    This is elegance in a bottle…when I tried this I just kept sniffing my wrist, rolling my eyes and sighing….Will get ASAP!

  9. nice videos. I am elie saab, this is one of the best perfumes.  i am a new subbie. you have a nice collection do you have any chanel perfumes hat you can review? i am looking to buy the No. 5 Eau Premiere. thanks

  10. Elle saab is a lebanese designer ,he not she .i cant believe that a lot doesn't know him ,most of celebrates on the red carpet wears Elle saab dresses . This perfume based on lebanese jasmine and the famous cedars of Lebanon tree which is mentioned in the old testament . 

  11. Please tell me, are they ok for warm summer evenings? Thanks.

  12. Just bought it Loving it! So is my 11 year old fashionista.

  13. Hi!
    Great review (as always:) ) Neroli oil is from Ciitrus Aurantium var, amara, a close relative to the regular orangeflower! Its the bitter orange thats often used in English Orange Marmalade.

  14. Lovely review! Elie Saab Le Parfum is a gorgeous one. Actually I get a slight similarity between this one and Alien Essence Absolue. I guess it's the jasmine mixed with some sweet notes that makes me think of that, just in AEA it's more dense.

  15. Haha…lol …he is a man:) i thought he is she…:(

  16. Best perfume reviews on the Internet- thanks for your help :)

  17. Jennie Georgiades

    Beautiful! I've got the Le Parfum Eau de Toilette, it smells to me a little citrusy and just gorgeous as well :) I wore six sprays of it to work and nobody said anything… How's the throw on Le Parfum? 

  18. If Elie doesn't watch your review i feel sorry for her..lol…that's a lovely scent. I like it, but i don't have one. Neroli smell greener than orange…thank you so much! :)

  19. ikbal nasreddine

    actually you're saying the name quite right (close to the lebanese arabic pronunciation of the name) and he's is a man not a woman … he is the most know Arab designer … he dresses up most of the world's celebrities like shakira beyoncé and a lot more … about the name (if you could pronounce it the opposite way that is make the first E short and the last IE longer éliiii if you can get what I mean) 

  20. Thank you so much for this fella, I really appreciate It….cheers. So how long have you been doing your course? you seem to be enjoying It.

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