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ELF Eyes Lips Face Beauty Bundle Unboxing & Review │ September 2015

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  1. Hey..Great video..mind checking my channnel..lets SUB 4 SUB..thanks

  2. Jennifer Wikkedbeauty

    E.L.F customer service is really bad

  3. Love your videos, check out my channel, sub for sub? Much luck hon

  4. I did not know this existed. I am definitely subscribing to this service!!!

  5. But baked eyeshadow are meant to be wet… That's why your not getting any pigment. I just think that extra step is worth it… When they're wet they are beautiful and I think they are totally worth the price.

  6. Hey Debbie Downer!! LOL! J/K! Hello Kaily! :-) Sorry that this bundle wasn't that great. I definitely won't be signing up for it lol. I love the EX-tra lip glosses! I did a post on them. They're awesome!! I need to buy the rest of the collection of them. I only need like 3 or something. I've actually seen a couple of them for sale in CVS. I think they just have a couple of shades though.

  7. Hey!! You look beautiful! Great unboxing 😀 I also do unboxings would Love it if you can check out my unboxings and possibly subscribe, and I'll subscribe back!

  8. LOL, gold glitter liner – I remember seeing that in the '70s (ELF is obviously following the trend right now). Ewww (agree with you).
    Love your comments and I've gotten several (holiday) box packages and end up with several 'left overs'…

  9. Gold lip liner? Haha… oh elf!
    Can you son open the mascara wand? I'm just imagining the fun times with mascara all over the back seat… 😮
    I really really want those to try those elf blush palettes! I haven't heard anyone say they don't last on the cheeks… ah poo.
    I totally agree with you about the baked shadow – I had the same experience. The only way is to wet that sucker… I've not found baked eye shadows to be that good either. Pretty in the pan but not pigmented and they don't blend well.
    They need to give you more brushes in the boxes – those are the best items to receive, imo.
    Ah how crappy they gave you duplicates in the consecutive month! You are justified to send them a complaint!

  10. I love E.L.F but have never tried the box, have you been happier with boxes from previous months?

  11. I was at target with my mom today and was going to buy some more makeup but then I saw that you had posted a review on elf makeup and I literally had some of those eyeshadows that you had to dampen until I got the notification that you posted a review I ended up getting some eyelash primer I really like the primer bc I wear sparkly mascara and have problems with it flaking off into my eyes and I personally think the primer makes it stay on longer but thanks for the review you saved me like $15 today thanks love u 💜

  12. ahhh I've so wanted to try this bundle subscription. Grrr IDK why I won't take the plunge. I annoy myself. lol. Great video love. xoxo.

  13. just found your channel♡ love it! Elf gone wrong ?! Say it isn't so! shucks! new subbie here♡ tfs☆

  14. 💗💗💗 u basically got a bag of shit..I like the same few things u did, but that's it..

  15. I'm totally pissed because they are not even trying anymore they did the eraser pin and the bronzer twice in a month! Whole point of this is to try out new things lol *rant over* I will be send them a letter also😂😂

  16. This is why I subbed you 😂😂 so glad I didn't buy that brush today because your intro just saved me 😂😂 still it's not that expensive but I don't need two lol

  17. Love<3

  18. Sounds like that whole bag was a bust👎are you still going to keep on getting it? tfs.🐝

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