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Ed Hardy’s Love & Luck for Men Review

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  1. Hey man, have you tried Lacoste Style in Play? Kind of reminded me of that, just in the sense that it's very high school-y but still smells good enough that I'd wear it now still.

  2. The smell of it does not last long at all!!!

  3. Whisperingfisherman

    Sometimes longevity depends on your skin. To increase longevity, i put scentless lotion on my wrists and neck then spray. Also you can spray your hair. Has to do with oils and pores, and areas with a pulse like the neck wrists and back of the knee. Lol. I just bought this today, and imma see how i can effect the longevity. Great video, subbed and liked!

  4. Ima be honest. I got this today and the longevity is horrible. I think it has 2-3 hours max. Smells good, though. I would recommend other fragrances.

  5. DistinguishedGent1

    It will get compliments, no doubt about it. When my friend wore this I had to ask him what he was wearing and immediately got it.Lol

  6. 52SlimProductions

    Cool review.. I just happened to see a little travel bottle of this and picked it up as an impulse. Sprayed it yesterday, and my girl immediately complimented it. It may not be my favorite, but I'll keep it around since she likes it (she's never immediately complimented any of my frags before)

  7. DistinguishedGent1

    I like it to. But I gave it away a while back. Just not my cup of tea anymore. But good for a starter and for someone in highschool i think. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. My email doesnt show all of the comments that come across my page. I apologize for that.

  8. DistinguishedGent1

    I think Bleu de Chanel is a much better fragrance. Well blended. Smells great and last quite a long time. about 8 hrs for me. I think you would be pleased with it.

  9. DistinguishedGent1

    @MrBeebs25 This one is definitely popular with the ladies. Sadly I let this one go. I gave to a friend of mine. It is a compliment getter though.

  10. Good Job on the review there sir

  11. DistinguishedGent1

    @vessc I know what you mean. That's why I said it's kinda complex. I haven't tried MI yet, but I plan on it soon. This is a great starter fragrance for someone. I should have mentioned that. lol

  12. Very good review bro. This starts off with citrus and fades into violet. Idk though, this is so uninspiring to me. Smells nice but it's just so… meh. Then again I feel the same way about Millesime Imperial.

  13. DistinguishedGent1

    @FragranceBros Lol. This is one of my older fragrances. It just wont go away no matter how much I spray

  14. dang, you used that whole bottle! LOL. great review, Brandon!

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