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Eau Sauvage Parfum by Christian Dior | Fragrance Review

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  1. Just got my bottle in the mail today. A1 juice thru & thru. Niche quality. Dior and Francois DeMachy are juggernauts that can't be stopped!

  2. I just got a sample of this, although i adore most dior fragrances, & i respect eau sauvage, this is not for me at all. The biggest reason being, it burns my nose when i smell it & i get a headache & it's just too old man smelling. My dad & grandpa wear stetson, old spice,drakkar noir etc. and those smells always disgust me & this fragrance is no different. The only plus with this is the bottle which i love.

  3. Great review. I was waiting for your opinions of this one.
    Now, i'll be waiting for your review of the EDT classic version.

  4. Great review! Thanks!

  5. awesome elegant scent. This is one you wear when you dress up. I've gotten several compliments on this one, and it lasts forever on my skin.

  6. Champagne Finest

    This gotta be the worse cologne I have ever bought! I send it to my father after using it twice. Smells like a hair saloon

  7. Good review. I might have to go to Sephora and try this out on my skin. Fahrenheit is the only cologne from the Dior house that I ever worn. I am currently rocking Prada Amber pour homme La nuit d lomme , One Million and one of my favorite oldie but goodie, Safari for men by Ralph Lauren.

  8. Reginold DrLuvin

    A great one. There is too much gimmicky sweet stuff out there. I like the quality oozing elegance of ESP

  9. Ha! I'm a redneck too. I hay the cattle everyday due to drought destroying the pastures. Nice review!! I love Eau Sauvage Parfum. I can count on it lasting and smelling nice to the end. FYI, another one that lasts for me is Kurkdjian Pour le Soir (rich) with just a light spray or two of Kurkdjian Pour le Matin (powdery). The ladies, young and old, can't be wrong – especially so many. Maybe they are confused by a redneck who does not smell like he rubbed a little manure behind the ears.

  10. likeris subruknem

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  11. This is one scent that I really, REALLY enjoy wearing for myself. Great review, Doc!

  12. KnowScentz Frags

    +dracdoc, I want to say that I have read some of the comments and I can't believe what some of these people are saying, personally I think you do a great job. People need to keep in mind that fragrances are like art and it is based upon ones own opinion. Keep doing what you are doing.

  13. KnowScentz Frags

    I have that fragrance and I really like it. It reminds me of the shaving cream that a lady barber who used to use when she would give me a razor line as a kid

  14. Do you like Fraicheur Cuir version?

  15. Please review Eau Sauvage Cologne (same Sauvage bottle but EDC concentration)

  16. Will be interesting to see if this is a panty dropper with Becky. My wife loves it on me.

  17. i love the scent very much. very mature scent. 2 sprays is enough for whole day. sweet vetier. perfectly blended.

  18. Lets hear these words

    If anybody owns Ysl L'Homme sport & the newly released sauvage Layer them if you have a great nose and let me know if I'm tripping or not but these two layered together on me smells phenomenal.

  19. bought it a week back and I just can't stop smelling it. love it so so much

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