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EAU D’HERMES Fragrance Review

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  1. Ada Solly Styling

    Hi Lanier
    The cocktail looks so yummy. The Brown Derby sounds so elegant and the history of the place sounds so interesting. What a shame it has been closed. I get excited just seeing the beautiful orange bag. The perfume sounds different- dirty. Do you like Chanel Sycamore? As I think I will get this as my Winter perfume. I know many do not like it but for some reason it is pulling me to buy it. I have tried three times now in the Chanel boutique. Hugs.

  2. Guess I won't be sleeping tonight. Just found your channel. :) 

  3. I wish I would have asked for a sample of this, it was so wonderful on you. I think I will have to call Amber very soon :)

  4. The original bottle from the 50s must have been stunning! Will try eau d'Herms asap! Greta review! xxox

  5. Oh Lanier … you have been to the original Brown Derby!!! Wow!
    Love " I Love Lucy "……. remember the one when she was in the chocolate factory! LOL

  6. Great review, Lanier! I now have the cocktail and fragrance on my to-try list. Thanks!

  7. great to see what you had hidden in the hermes bag!

  8. Stewart Gallacher

    As always, a wonderfully enthusiastic, eloquent and informative review.

  9. AGentlemansJourney

    EAU-M-G, I thought Hermes was EAU-lder than this, LOL. You make it too easy for me, Lanier. :) If I didn't make fun of you then I wouldn't care about you :) I kn-EAU I'm sick, LOL

  10. Great frag great video!! :)

  11. Your reviews are TOP. So classy.

  12. So glad you reviewed this one Lanier! I bought this last fortnight after trying to grapple it for two years! 

  13. Ooh smells of a Hermes bag without the price tag? Yes please! Wonderful history and review, congrats on your beautiful new bottle x

  14. I didn't know they had an Eau in their frag lineup. 

  15. wonderful review, Lanier.  i love poivre samarcande, so eau should be right my alley :) and i'm making that cocktail for my downton abbey marathon tonight :) 

  16. Intriguing review since I like leather, geranium and cinnamon. The classic Hermes bottle is perhaps my favorite of all perfume bottles, along with the Chanel 5, 19, Coco, Coco Mlle edp and parfum bottle design.  

    btw I was able to revisit Egoiste today with a spritz on me; it's very light, and I liked it, but think it would work better on a man.  I came away from Nordies with a sample of TM Ultra Zest, and have yet to try it.  Went to TBS and bought Smoky Poppy and Moringa.

  17. It's a big B.O. cumin spice bomb that took me a long time to appreciate. I took to Hermes Poivre Samarcande much quicker. Hermes Bel Ami (vintage) is also an amazing leather fragrance. Eau d'Hermes is the granddaddy to several Jean Claude Ellena creations. I enjoyed watching and cheers!

  18. This and Bel Ami are classics , I wish I could have smelt their original formulations 

  19. Friday Night drinks and a perfume review with Lanier…schweet!  Who could ever forget that memorable I Love Lucy episode featuring guest-star William Holden? Nobody, I tell you! I've never had a Brown Derby drink, but perhaps I'll partake of this beverage somewhere down the road.

    Eau d'Hermes? I never would have guessed. I've been to my local Hermes Store (55-mile drive) a half-dozen times and I have never sampled this one…although I may have a sample of it in one of my shoeboxes.

    Thanks for providing a classic review of this classic fragrance; well-done!  I just sorted through all my Hermes samples and, sadly, I do not have a sample of Eau d'Hermes.  However, I do have a ton of samples and I have yet to try Eau de Gentaine Blanche and Eau d'Orange Verte – gonna get to 'em this weekend.  

    Anyway, I'm going to have to get my nose on this classic fragrance because I just love perfume with leather and birch.  Thanks for bringing Eau d'Hermes to my attention…it was completely off my scent radar.

    X Ambre Narguile
    – Eau de Gentiane Blanche
    – Eau d'Orange Verte
    X Terre d'Hermes
    X Un Jardin En Mediterranee
    X Un Jardin Sur Le Toit
    X Vetiver Tonka
    X Voyage d'Hermes
    X Cuir d'Ange

  20. SweptAndGarnished1

    Well worth waiting for, it sounds lovely. Now, I'll admit that cinnamon in is not not a favourite note of mine but never the less I'm intrigued. Thanks for sharing :-)


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