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Eau de Fleur de Magnolia by Kenzo: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Try these:
    Gucci Envy
    Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile
    Guerlain L'Instant
    Eau d'Italie Magnolia Romana

  2. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Ah yes – if you're loving Shalimar – the queen of sensual orientals, then you've also got some more Kenzos in your future. Specifically Kenzo Amour EdP. And Kenzo Flower Oriental is their take on Shalimar. And with your love of Shalimar and Kenzo Amour Indian Holi, you'll also enjoy Miller Harris Fleur Oriental, another of my very favorites.

  3. Katie Puckrik Smells

    I think this must be a limited edition, because I only ever saw it at Sephora. They change up their stock from store to store, but you can definitely get it online at Sephora, and I've also seen it on Amazon.

  4. I've been looking all over for this fragrance but can't find it! Your review makes it sound absolutely divine. I went to two different sephoras and a nordstrom, and macy's but i can't find it anywhere. I saw some other kenzo fragrances but not this. I plan on looking at bloomingdales tomorrow, but I'm having really bad luck. I love light fragrances, and this sounds like it might be the perfect one.

  5. Katie Puckrik Smells

    That's good to hear – thanks for letting us know.

  6. I love this eau de toilette because of the fact that it stays for SO long, it's amazing!

  7. Katie Puckrik Smells

    So sorry to hear about your traffic-jammed nostrils, Jen.

    "Fleshy" is a good way to describe the magnolia scent.

    I'll do my best to be your smell guide dog!

  8. Katie Puckrik Smells

    What a lovely compliment! I love fashion and decor from the 1920s-1950s.

  9. I love your blouse. I reminds me of 50's hollywood glamour.

  10. Katie Puckrik Smells

    It's at Sephora, $55. In the UK I know they sell it at Debenhams.

  11. I loooooooove the smell of Magnolias AND gardinias! I WANT THIS! Do you know where one could get it and for how much?

  12. Katie Puckrik Smells

    OK, KimmiPea, I was thinking about your question when I was at Sephora tonight, and decided to retract my faint "meh" on Burberry the Beat. It's downright "bleh", especially when smelled next to Kenzo Eau de Fleur de Thé, which I now have renewed confidence in. I think it's actually kind of unusual in the context of mainstream fragrances. So yay on Kenzo Thé!

  13. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Thinking of other nice non-bright or full-on fruit basket-y scents that have a bit of depth but would still work in summer, you might also try:
    Stella McCartney Stella Sheer (light fruity rose & musk)
    Gap The Lover (soft apricot and mellow patchouli)
    Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess (sexy figgy/coconut)
    LArtisan Parfumer Mûre et Musc Extrême (sensual musk & light blackberry freshness)

  14. Katie Puckrik Smells

    The Eau de Fleur de Thé is a musky tea smell, a bit more restrained than the buoyant and floral Magnolia. I like the smell of the Thé, but to me, it strikes me as more of a pleasant "home fragrance" rather than something I'd wear personally. But that's just me. It would definitely work as a summer fragrance. If you like the tea thing, check out Burberry the Beat. I'm "meh" on that one, but I can appreciate that it fits the bill for a lighter spicy scent.

  15. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Good wordage yourself, Lady!

  16. Katie Puckrik Smells

    You betchum, Magnolia trees are have a happy little community out here.

    I like the cola question. In fact, Ralph Lauren Notorious smells to me like diet Coke with a slice. And old school orientals like Estée Lauder Youth Dew are built on that cola concept of sweet herbs and spices. A lot of Andy Tauer's perfumes seem cola-ish to me, too, like L'Air du Desert Marocain.

  17. What??? Magnolia trees grow in California???

    You have just turned my southern-fried world upside down…okay, so I only lived in Memphis for a year, but still….

    Weird question, Katie, but have you ever tried to dissect the ingredients in Coke? I read in "Elle" or "Vogue" or something years back of this lady having a custom perfume blend made, and the guy doing it asked if she liked Coke, because then he'd know she liked cinnamon and lime. Coke has seemed more pleasant to me since.

  18. hmm…obviously a summer perfume. Thanks Katie~


  19. mmmm sounds amazing

  20. California in a bottle! Excellent description. I love Eau de fleur de magnolia eau de toilette.

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