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Eau de Cartier Concentree by Cartier | Fragrance Review

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  1. Do u have a scentbird.com account

  2. Good review Cody and thanks for your objective, thorough review. Love the intro – much better than the previous one.

  3. Hey Dracdoc, I was wondering if you've ever considered making a video focusing on decanting fragrances? I'm intrigued to try it, but have always been slightly unsure about it. don't want evaporation, spillage etc.

    p.s you sold this to me with the soap comparison. Edition Blanche top notes to me smell like lemon cleaner too, which I strangely love.

  4. I prefer the original. Just a simplistic fresh fragrance. Nothing groundbreaking but like you said good for an office environment. Concentree is nothing special for me. Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil is a nice summer flanker from Cartier.

  5. Great video Cody! Love the new intro! Have you tried any of the Imaginary Authors line? I'd love to hear your take on it. 

  6. This one on my skin have me a cucumber type smell. It also last on my skin for about 6 hours. It does garnish compliments.

    Cheers. . .

  7. not sure I can be arsed to try this one, I love the original & the essence d'orange version.

  8. Love the new intro Cody. Well-done!

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