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Eau de Cartier by Cartier | Fragrance Review

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  1. Great review bro!!

  2. So im a 17 year old guy who seems to struggle a bit on finding an amazing fragrance that fits my age. Do you have any amazing "lady killer" fragrance recommendations for me?? I would love to hear your oppinion!

  3. Awesome review…Thanks for the take

  4. Informative, and well done, as usual, Cody!! Thanks for your video..

  5. lovely fragrance, a lot of people get bad longevity but its fine on me, I own the essence d'orange version & that also nice although very similar to this one.

  6. gr8 review…
    btw uve got fix your focus issues with the cam… 

  7. Very accurate review Thanks for your hard work

  8. One of my all time favorites.  The Concentree version however is IMO a completely different fragrance, not just edt-but-stronger.  I have the edt, and have tested the concentree version and didn't care for it on me.

  9. I posted a comment on ur 2015 video and I asked if you could during ur whiskey reviews you could wear a different cologne in each video and see if u get a compliment from ur fiancé during the video?

  10. Excellent review!

  11. thanks for the video , just want you to know that the video quality is not that good  , you said that you bought a new camera so this is my comment on your new camera , and one question do you live  close to railway now ? :) 

  12. Just wondering, out of all the fragrancez you own, what are the onez you wear on a regular basis? I have over 150 bottlez but only a hand full I go to all the time. Thanks Doc :)m/

  13. Oh man… I actually have smelled this. Got a sample from Kerosene way back when. I love this stuff. Great hot weather fragrance. I would love to have a bottle.

    It's very bubbly and light. Sort of like the feeling you get if you open a bottle of flavored carbonated water and the mist goes all over and around you.

  14. First! 

  15. I'm 95% white. 5% black. The blackness is below the waist. 

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