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Dunhill Pursuit for Men Review

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  1. I love your reviews Lanier! I have added this to my wish list. I really do need to familiarise myself more with the Dunhill house especially as I have been living in London for over 30 years. I've no excuses!! Thanks ?

  2. Great review, the way you describe it at the end is exactly how i feel about this perfume, I got this one the first time almost 5 years ago and since i always have one on my shelf, it's not made for everyday use, usually I wear on special occasions or when I want to impress because I know not a lot of people use it and that's what I like about it

  3. José Luis Hernández Méndez

    Hi Mr. what about Dunhill London Fragance, would you recommend it?
    Can you make a review of it?

    Greetings from Tijuana, México… Great review

  4. Great review sir. Actually just found your Chanel . I would love it if you review the older Dunhill. I used to have London the classic years ago, is it still available? I am a young under 50 with a decent collection , coffee roaster, cafe consultant, and coffee judge. My nose is very important. To be honest I think the frags from 70,80,90 so much better in every way, you just have to know how to wear them. So to me they are more unique than many designer new releases In the since that no one wears them! It's a shame that reformulation is so tricky.

  5. I have always wondered about this one and Dunhill Fresh. The only one from this house I own is Desire (Red). Thanks for the video.

  6. The only Dunhill I tried was Desire Red. It was really really bad, what a mess of notes and plastic-ky effect! Great review Sir!

  7. Great review as always my dear friend. I haven't try ani Dunhill yet, so persuit may be a good starting. 

  8. Great review as always my dear friend. I haven't try ani Dunhill yet, so persuit may be a good starting. 

  9. flawless as always, lanier. i really need to smell this now :-) off topic, are you filming from a new location in your place? 

  10. Meu amigo! I have Pursuit i like a lot, great review!!

  11. Great video! I have not worn a Dunhill for ages and was recently looking at Dunhill For Men! But didn't buy it. Perhaps you recommend it??

  12. I need to try this one – never have! Thanks for the excellent review. Sounds like you have a good knowledge of England too. Brighton is one of my favourite places in the UK!

  13. I had sampled this in 2006 and all I remember is that it smelt good. 

  14. Enjoyable review. SOTD: Eau de Cartier, that has a yuzu note in it. I would need more practice to be able to pick yuzu out of a lineup however.

  15. I really enjoyed this. I'll have to check this out. Would be neat to see you also review the first bottle you brought out. And, that martini looks good too. I Currently don't have any alcohol in the house… No wait… that's not true! I have 3 bottles of Everclear for perfumery. Lol the only problem with using Everclear for perfumery is that there is always the possibility of making drinks with it instead of it going in the cologne/perfume LOL

  16. Great review. This sounds like one I'd like. I have Dunhill 51.3N and it's a nice, inviting scent for warm weather. If I ever come to SF, I'd love to go out for drinks with you. I like girly drinks though…martinis are too strong to me.
    ~ Jason

  17. I saw it many time and so curious about its scent, its bottle design is impressive  and Pursuit is its name, kinda cool, have to check it later ,nice review sir, thank you!

  18. AGentlemansJourney

    Very nice review…now where's my martini?

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