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Dunhill Fresh by Alfred Dunhill cologne review

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  1. Hey man, great reviews…..Thank you. I would STRONGLY recommend you try the new dunhill ICON…I believe you wont regret it

  2. I was wondering if you could do a review of Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time by Loris Azzaro. I was meaning to buy if but sadly, I didn't come across any review of it on Youtube…… 

  3. One more thing sorry, why would you
    Recommend this to
    Older people? Could a high schooler/college student pull this off?

  4. It's honestly the epitome of a date fragrance in my opinion. I have fragrance ranging from chanel to Dior in my collection and nothing comes close in terms of smell other then edition Blanche to desire red

  5. Great videos man! Just wondering have you tried any other dunhill fragrances? Desire red is excellent. Also do you get a green smell from
    This or is it
    More woody or as you described just plain generic? Might pick this one up! 

  6. Smells good but doesn't last long

  7. Ill check it out

  8. Dun hill desire is much better it you enjoy sweet gourmand

  9. Unique meaning you won't find anything that smells like it. Generic meaning it doesn't stand out

  10. It's a unique and generic scent? … Okay

  11. Haha, thanks!

  12. Hehe, I agree, this is something Ned Flanders would wear. Very well said!

  13. "smells of the office"….lol David Brent's underpants

  14. I enjoy this fragrance

  15. Dunhill Desire FTW.

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